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Island Farming[edit]

Rune Factory Tides Of Destiny has revamped its farming system completely. Your tools such as the watering can, axe, hammer, sickle, and hoe have been done away with for clearing obstructions, prepping your nine by nine plots, and cultivating crops in your field. You now have to find islands one being designated to each season. Then you go about restoring them so that you can use them.


While you are in hostile areas such as small islands and dungeons you will see objects with floaty things around them. These floaty things are spirits. They are not to be confused with the previous Console game's Runeys (Rune Factory Frontier). There is no balance system as of yet to my knowledge. You go up to the objects examine them and you will acquire some spirits they hop into your bag. Overtime the objects will replenish it's spirits so you can come again to collect more.

There are four types of spirits Red Blue Green Yellow

I am not sure as of to whether they all have there own properties yet.

Island Restoration[edit]

Now from above with some spirits gathered when you come to an island that looks dead (Petrified). You must Release some spirits on the island in order to restore it. Once the island is restored you will be able to farm on it. However you can release additional spirits on the island in order to increase it's fertility. which I would assume would either help improve Crop Quality, Crop growth speed, Additional areas to plant more sprouts/trees or all of those things.

"Each of the four island require 'spirits' to be returned to them to rejuvenate the island so it can support growing various crops. You'll find these spirits at points all throughout the different dungeons/islands in the game. Each of these points regenerates after a few days, so don't worry about running out of spirits. Each island starts at 0% 'prosperity', and the various areas of the islands gradually become farmable as you increase this value. To do so, equip one or more spirits into your hands and 'use' them. Some islands require a certain percentage before they become farmable at all (you'll see an event when this happens).

Spirits give an island 2% prosperity if you return them to the 'correct' island:

  • Mebuki (Spring) island - Yellow
  • Tokonatsu island (Summer) - Red
  • Koori (Winter) island - Blue
  • Minori island (Fall) - Green

You can use spirits on 'incorrect' islands as well, but they'll only give the island 1% prosperity each. This is best done when you've already got the proper island for a spirit at 100%."

Credits for post go to "quincy52" who obtained it from a Japanese(?) guide.

Island Cultivation[edit]

Now as Aden you started the game with a wand. This is your only tool for farming also but it is the only one you need. After you restore an island that has sprout plots. all you have to do is equip your wand and look for glowing yellow circles on the circle and press the button to use the wand this will plant a sprout. This however is all that you can do the rest is up to the monsters you tame and have working on the islands.

Will Work For Cookies[edit]

If you haven't already learned how to tame monsters basically up the acquisition of your golem/Sweet ride on the open seas/monster barn/Farm island teleportation hub. In your monster barn you will receive a brush with this brush you have to show some Tender Loving Care to those hostile monsters out there until your prompted to give them a name they will then be whisked off to your monster barn. In your monster barn you can check you book to see if the monster you tamed is a Item type denoted by an egg sign or a crop by a sprout sign. monsters without either are just for fighting purposes they have no type. Also you will not see any sign if you have not bought any monster cookies it will be a cookie with a red X over it. They can be bought from either Bismark or Selena at the General Store. It's often wise to stock up on them when it's a bargain day where everything is 10 percent off. Monster cookies are only 20 Gold a piece.

Monster Cultivation[edit]

Now That you have restored an island, Planted Sprouts on any available planting points and Tamed Crop Type Monster as well as stocked on on cookies so that they will work. Simply assign the monster to the island you would like it to work on. They will take care of everything else for you. You can come and harvest the crops yourself. If you don't harvest the crops the monsters will put them in the island's storage. You will have to replant sprouts if the crop the monster is growing a crop such potatoes it does not bear multiple harvests because you pull them out of the ground so you have to replant sprouts. Tomatoes will regrow a few times so no worries about planting to soon. If you wish to be rid of any plants that regrow simply whack them with your sickle.

As for trees You can harvest from trees with your hammer. You can cut down them with your axe like the Oak tree.

For ore you plant it like sprouts on Winter Island then when its built up enough and sparkles pummel the ore out of your the rocks with any hammer. Then replant the rock.