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In Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, there are four extensions that you can get for your farm. Please note that you cannot buy house extensions, though they still do exist.

  • Pond (2,000G) Once built, you will be able to get 2 ducks in the during summer of chapter 2.
  • Seedmaker (4,000G or Free) This will take a crop and turn it into two seeds in a few days. You can get it one of two ways: buy it from town for 4000G, or from Daryl by becoming friends with him.
  • Food Production Room (30,000G) With this room, which is attached to your Food Storage Building, you will be able to make cheese and butter. In most cases, cheese and butter sell for much more than milk products. That means that this room will pay for itself in no time.
  • Milking Room (60,000G) This room, which is attached to your Tool Shed, milks your cows for you. At first you may have to first push your cows in there, but after a while, they will go in by themselves.

WARNING: There is a glitch that WILL cause your cows to become stuck in here. If this happens, it is recommended that you reset.

Only available in Another Wonderful Life[edit]

  • Chicken Pen - 10,000g. You need to have a decent number of chickens, I believe it's 4, and then talk to Takakura. He will mention something about a chicken pen, then you just have to go buy it from the ledger. Really not worth the money, as you have to still carry your birds back and forth.
  • Great Field - 20,000g. You will get this in chapter 2 if you talk to Takakura. It goes in the area where there are a bunch of trees. It is the most fertile field, so things grow the fastest here.


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