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This page is about Eve from Harvest Moon: Magical Melody. For other uses, see Eve (disambiguation).
Eve's Photo
Japanese Name: イヴ (Ivu)
Birthday: Winter 16
Family: Terry (grandfather)
Duke (uncle)
Favorite Gift: Fertilized Strawberry, Ruby, and Special Cheese
Rival: Dan


Emotional and flirty. Likes to listen to people's stories.

Events and Requirements[edit]

Dialogue and Scripts[edit]

Heart Lines[edit]

Description Line
Zero Hearts "Hee-hee. I like people who tell interesting stories♪"
One Heart "Hee-hee. I like people who feel positive about everything♥"
Two Hearts "I came to this village wanting to take my grandpa back to town, but he doesn't like the idea..."
Three Hearts "Grandpa said that there are mountain gods in these hills. They might be somewhere around here."
Four Hearts "It's a very important thing to have a place to talk with the person dear to you. After all, being alone is lonesome, isn't it?"
Five Hearts "My parents died in an accident. I came here to live with my Grandpa. Now he's my only living relative."
Six Hearts "I lived in this village when I was little. I was Grandpa's girl and always followed him around."
Seven Hearts "Lately, I've been thinking about living here rather than taking Grandpa back to town. It helps that you're here too."
Eight Hearts "Oh my... I'm quite a bit older then you, <Player Name>. But I can't help thinking about you. What am I going to do?"
Nine/Ten Hearts "Having my heart taken by you is what disrupts my spirit and throws me into confusion. Hee-hee. You're bad."


Description Line
Afternoon "Hello."
Evening "Good evening."
Farewell "Hee-hee. Bye."

Weather Lines[edit]

Description Line
Rainy "I kind of like getting wet in the rain."

Miscellaneous Lines[edit]

Description Line
First Encounter "Oh, hello. You seem busy today. Hee-hee. Come to the cafe at night to relax."




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