Eve (Harvest Moon: GB)

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This page is about Eve from Harvest Moon: GB. For other uses, see Eve (disambiguation).
Eve's Photo
Japanese Name: イヴ (Ivu)
Residence: Juice Bar


She works at the Juice Bar. She will sell you stamina recovering drinks, some you can take home, and the others you drink there.

Dialogue and Scripts[edit]

All grammatical errors reflect in-game appearance.

Shop Dialogue[edit]

Action Dialogue
Entering the shop Hi. Would you like a drink?
Buying an item Here you go.
Canceling a purchase Really? It all tastes good.
Not enough money You don't have enough money.
Leaving the shop Leaving? Are you refreshed now?
Come back soon.

Item Dialogue[edit]

Item Dialogue
Orange Juice Orange Juice is a specialty of this town. Please enjoy. The price is 300G.
Wild Grape Juice That is Wild Grape Juice that will increase your power. The cost is 300G for 10 cups.
Green Tea That's a high quality Green Tea. One cup will surely wake you up! The cost is 200G for 10 cups.

Event Dialogue[edit]