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Eunice's Photo
Japanese Name: ユーニ (Yuuni)
Birthday: Autumn 17
Residence: Sunshine Inn
Family: Turner (Father)
Rita (Mother)
Favorite Gift: Mont Blanc (Lvl 72 cooking; Oven Recipe: Milk, Flour, Chestnut, Egg, Butter)


A nice girl who loves to cook and clean. She has a cheerful personality and is very amicable.[1]

Eunice (ユーニ, Yuuni) is the daughter of the inn owners, Turner and Rita. She loves to cook and clean and has a large respect for her parents. Her body image is a little complex, however, due to her sensitivity of others opinions. Eventually she will ask you if you like plump girls or not and depending on how you answer her body type will change in the future! Just remember that she'll refuse any cakes and sweets when she's on diet.


Enter the inn after receiving the bamboo shoots from Stella

How to Raise LP[edit]

Cook meals (counts once each day)


Constellation Event[edit]

  • Broom (Fall Midnight, around 11.30PM)
  • Best time for event: Holiday 3 PM

Eunice's Heart Events[edit]

Difficulty level: Easy

  • Once Eunice is at 4 LP, she will ask you if you like slimmer girls. Respond with a 'yes' to get her to go on a diet.
  • The day after speak to her. You will no longer be able to gift her with sweets after this point.
  • A month after this, speak with her.
  • Once more, wait a month. Now Eunice's appearance in-game and even in the opening video will have permanently changed
  • At 10 LP, talk to Eunice and DO NOT ask her about her diet. She will mention her parents.
  • Go to Rosetta's store and enter the lottery.
  • Enter three more times, then enter Materia when Eunice is not inside.
  • A day later, talk to Eunice when she's behind the counter at the Inn.
  • One more day later, talk to Eunice again.
  • A week after this, talk to Eunice once more
  • Visit Materia
  • Talk to Eunice for a final time

Tips & Tricks[edit]

  • Eunice loves a guy who knows his way around the kitchen, so get cooking! Making a recipe from any utensil in your kitchen at least once a day will raise Eunice's LP slightly.
  • Though cooking helps, you're going to need to Gift Eunice pretty heavily to get her LP to go out fast. Eunice loves sweets, but they can be expensive. The best thing to do is to traverse the Whale Island fin area and look for chocolate hidden in the treasure chests. She also loves roasted nuts which can be found in the Lava Ruins, or made in your kitchen with chestnuts and a frying pan.
  • Eunice will not wear a bikini or even go to the beach until she has lost weight


Dialogue and Scripts[edit]


A favor...[edit]

I am writing you because I have a favor to ask of you. I want to serve fresh fish to the customers for dinner tonight, and I was hoping you could provide me with some fish?

It's Eunice[edit]

Congratulations on your move-in! Please allow me to re-introduce myself. I am Eunice, the daughter of the Innkeeper. Most townsfolk do not frequent the Inn, but please, feel free to come by anytime.

Guilty Pleasure[edit]

Hello, <Player>. Did I surprise you? Actually, I am quite fond of letters, and I often write to various people about my thoughts and such. Let's keep in touch, okay?

Thank you for the fish.[edit]

Thank you very much for the fish. I am extremely satisfied, thanks to you.

The other day...[edit]

I was cooking the other day, and I accidentally poured too much sauce, and it splattered on my apron. It was so hard getting rid of the stain. <Player>, you should be careful, too.


Iris moved in today. I am so excited because I feel like I got two sisters at once. Which reminds me, how old is Iris anyway? Maybe she is younger than me? No, maybe older?


Favorite Gift: Mont Blanc (Lvl 72 cooking; Oven Recipe: Milk, Flour, Chestnut, Egg, Butter)

Likes: Cake, Flowers, cake, cheesecake, Emery Flower

Dislikes: Fish



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