Ethelberd (Rune Factory 1)

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This page is about Ethelberd from Rune Factory. For other uses, see Ethelberd (disambiguation).
Ethelberd's Photo
Japanese Name: エゼルバード (Ezerubaado)
Voiced By: JPN.gif 徳山靖彦 (Yasuhiko Tokuyama)
Birthday: None Specified
Residence: Sechs Empire
Family: None Specified
Favorite Gift: None Specified
Birthday Gift: None Specified

Ethelberd (エゼルバード, Ezerubaado) is the antagonist of Rune Factory and the Emperor of the Sechs Empire. His goal is to rule the world.

Avatar Gallery[edit]

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  • Ethelberd appears again in Rune Factory 4, and in its port released in 2019, Rune Factory 4 Special.
  • In the Japanese release, the voice actor Yasuhiko Tokuyama did the voice for Ethelberd, Leo and Neumann.