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This page is about Elli from Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility. For other uses, see Elli (disambiguation).
Elli's Photo
Japanese Name: エリィ(Eryi)
Birthday: Fall 1st
Residence: Yolanda's House
Family: Grandmother
(In Another Town)
Favorite Gift: Cakes, Strawberry Milk, Blue Wool Yarn


Elli moved to Waffle Town from the distant Flower Bud Village. She wanted to learn more techniques in the art of cake-making from the renowned chef, Yolanda, but the Inn was not accepting more workers. As Yolanda is a friend of Elli's grandmother, Elli was allowed to stay with Yolanda rent-free, and is able to learn from Yolanda in a one-on-one environment on days off. Since she couldn't work at the Inn, Elli had to get work elsewhere while on the island. She now works as a clerk in the Town Hall, though there isn't much to do that isn't already being taken care of by Gill. Because of this, Elli is left with a lot of free time. This usually leads to her gossiping with residents that stop by the office. Part of her Town Hall duties include serving as the island's weather forecaster and news reporter. You can see Elli on television by tuning into the morning and evening weather reports. She also hosts the TV show, "Mastery of Beauty".


"Came from Flower Bud Village to visit Yolanda, her grandma's friend, for training but usually helps out at the short-handed Town Hall." - Elli's Town Hall Resident Card

The Player meets Elli during Hamilton's forced meet-and-greet with the town residents. She misunderstands their initial introduction, thinking that the Player is only a tourist while simultaneously forgetting that they are the new resident here to stay. This mix-up is quickly resolved, and she lets the Player know that she'll help out in any way she can.

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Resident Card[edit]

(HM Tree of Tranquility) resident card elli.png

The Flea Market[edit]

As a nod to her job back in Flower Bud Village, Elli will attend the Fall and Winter Flea Markets as a stall owner. She sells her own handmade sweets and baked goods! The first time the Player enters the Fall Flea Market, Elli will crash into the Player in her hurry to make it to the Town Square on time.

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6:00 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00 16:00 17:00 18:00 19:00 20:00 21:00 22:00 23:00
Sunny Weather Yolanda's House (Locked) Waffle Town Town Square Town Hall (Locked) Town Hall Town Hall (Locked) Town Square Waffle Town Yolanda's House (Locked)
Rainy Weather, Typhoon Yolanda's House (Locked) Waffle Town Town Square Town Hall (Locked) Town Hall Town Hall (Locked) Town Square Waffle Town Yolanda's House (Locked)
Sundays, Holidays Yolanda's House (Locked) Yolanda's House Waffle Town Yolanda's House Yolanda's House (Locked)
Harvest Festival
(As a Participant)
Yolanda's House (Locked) Yolanda's House Waffle Town Maple Lake District Ganache Mine District Brownie Ranch District Ganache Mine District Maple Lake District Waffle Town Yolanda's House (Locked)
Fall/Winter Flea Market
(As a Stall Owner)
Yolanda's House Waffle Town Town Square Waffle Town Yolanda's House Yolanda's House (Locked)
Key: Indoors Outdoors Indoors (Locked)


Header iconmini treeoftranquility townietalk.png Dialogue and Scripts[edit]

Heart Lines[edit]

Friend Lines
No Hearts This island is so big that I get lost sometimes. I had a hard time when I first arrived here.
One Heart I came here from a far away town for training in cake-making. The inn didn't need anyone, though, so I got a job at the Town Hall.
Two Hearts Yolanda from the inn is a friend of my grandma's. That's why I rent a room from her.
Three Hearts Eating something sweet gives you energy when you are tired. It's even better if you have a nice cup of tea.
Four Hearts You should prepare lunch or snacks for when you do physical work. It's too late for food after you pass out.
Five Hearts My family has a bakery back home. I lived with my grandma, just the two of us.
Six Hearts I heard there is a cooking contest at the Harvest Festival in this town. I'm thinking of submitting my cake for the competition.
Seven Hearts My mom used to bake cakes often; she learned from my grandma. My happiest memories are of cake.
Eight Hearts I do have someone I want to marry. But it's not so easy to confess feelings, you know?
Nine Hearts It sounds easy to just say "I love you", but it's not. If you have someone you love, gather your courage and express your feelings.
Ten Hearts I've always wanted to get married, ever since I was little. Since I lost both of my parents, I want to have a big family.

Town Life[edit]

Town Gossip
New Residents I hear we have a new resident! Have you said hello to the newcomer yet?
Town Marriages
Player Engagement Did you propose?! Congratulations! Good luck! ♪
Player Marriage Congratulations on your marriage! You two are a good match, like sweets and tea. I wish you happiness.
Renee and Toby Renee and Toby got married. They met when they were fishing! Isn't that romantic?
Anissa and Jin Anissa and Dr. Jin got married. Those two won't have to worry about getting sick, am I right?
Maya and Chase Maya and Chase got married. Yolanda looked so happy; I was envious!
Candace and Julius Candace and Julius got married. I was a bit surprised, but I guess they make a good couple.
Phoebe and Calvin Phoebe and Calvin got married. They are so active.
Town Families
Player's New Child Are you having a baby? That's great! Congratulations.
Player's Child Is Born Now you're a parent! I wish you luck with your kid!
About Your Child What a cute baby. I love children!
Matt is born (R&T) Renee and Toby had a baby! Another happy family here on the island.
Van is born (A&J) Anissa and Dr. Jin had a baby! Another happy family here on the island.
Dakota is born (M&C) Maya and Chase had a baby! Another happy family here on the island.
Angie is born (C&J) Candace and Julius had a baby! Another happy family here on the island.
Heath is born (P&C) Phoebe and Calvin had a baby! Another happy family here on the island.
General Child Dialogue I'd love to have a child of my own, someday...


Daily Greetings
Morning Good mornin'!
Afternoon Good afternoon!
Evening Is it okay for you to stay up this late?
Greeting (1) Hi!
Greeting (2) Helloooo!
Greeting (3) How are you?
When Busy I'm sorry. I'm in a hurry.
Out for a Stroll
Walking with Pet (1) Oh, what a cutie you have.
Walking with Pet (2) Taking a stroll with a pet? It's good to get exercise.
Walking with Child Oh, look at <Your Child>. Your child has grown so big!
Daily Condition
Well Rested Player You're looking great today!
Decently Rested Player You look exhausted. Eat some sweets. You'll feel better!
Poorly Rested Player Looks like you are falling asleep. Maybe you should think about hitting the hay a bit earlier tonight.
After Collapsing Did you collapse yesterday? Take care of yourself.

Free Talk[edit]

Free Talk (Prologue)
At Town Hall I'll try my best to help you.
Daily Dialogue
I like talking to people who come to Town Hall. Hee-hee, I shouldn't do that while I work, though.
My work at the Town Hall doesn't keep me very busy. Actually, I wanted to work as a waitress at the inn.
I love making sweets! If you are surrounded by sweet smells, you'll get warm feelings, you know?
We have tea and sweets at teatime. When you eat with people, food tastes better for some reason.
I enjoy reading books about cooking and baking desserts. I like imagining the finished result.

Story Lines[edit]

About Rainbows
One Rainbow Restored Have you seen the rainbow? It's so beautiful, I can't stop looking at it!
Three Rainbows Restored I saw somebody walking on a rainbow the other day! Walking ON a rainbow! Isn't that amazing?!
Five Rainbows Restored There are a lot of rainbows in the sky now! I think it's making my cooking taste even better!
About the Seedling of Hope
Seedling of Hope Clues (1) Seedling of Hope...? I don't know. I'm sorry.
Seedling of Hope Clues (2) Seedling of Hope...? Hmm, I'm not sure, but maybe the mayor's weird behavior has something to do with it.
Mother Tree Growth
Mother Tree Seed (Stage 1) Everybody looks happier lately, for some reason. I wonder if something good happened.
Mother Tree Seed (Stage 2) Yolanda, Colleen, and I have all been noticing that the food is much tastier these days. It's strange...I wonder what could be causing it.
Mother Tree Seed (Stage 3) I heard that all these changes have been happening because the Mother Tree has come to life again. It practically grew overnight. What a magical tree!
Mother Tree (Full Grown) It seems that the Mother Tree is protecting the whole island. It's so powerful. Just looking at it fills me with energy.
Mother Tree (After Story) Yolanda told me that you are the one who brought the Mother Tree back to life, <Player>! That's fantastic. Thank you so much!

Gift Lines[edit]

Hated Gift I don't like this at all. I'm sorry.
Disliked Gift I don't like it too much. But thank you anyway.
Neutral Gift Thank you.
Liked Gift Oh, thank you! I like it. I'm so happy.
Loved Gift Wow, is this for me? Thank you so much! I love it. I'm delighted.
Too Many Gifts No thank you. I had plenty.
Given a Thanksgiving Cake A Thanksgiving Festival cake? Looks delicious! Thank you. Yay! I love cake.
Birthday Presents
Hated Birthday Gift I cannot handle this. I'm sorry.
Disliked Birthday Gift Thank you for the thought, but...
Neutral Birthday Gift Oh, thank you.
Liked Birthday Gift A birthday present? Oh, thank you very much.
Loved Birthday Gift A birthday present for me? I love this. Thank you very much!
Shown Key Items
When shown a Key Item You should keep that.
Blue Feather Oh, a Blue Feather. Are you going to propose? I'm jealous. Good luck.
Seedling of Hope Wow, this is a seedling I've never seen before.
(True) Seedling of Hope I hope it'll be the seedling you were looking for this time.

Seasonal Lines[edit]

Seasonal Dialogue
Early Spring I want to go on a picnic and enjoy the blooming flowers.
Late Spring The Spring flowers are in full bloom. But I'm more excited about eating some tasty Spring crops!
Early Summer It's getting really hot. We need to keep hydrated to beat the heat!
Late Summer Drink water and don't stay too long in direct sunlight on these hot days.
Early Fall The weather is getting more bearable. I love Fall!
Late Fall We have a lot of delicious foods in Fall! I cannot make up my mind what desserts to make.
Early Winter Winter is a good season to bake pie. Butter doesn't melt nearly as quickly!
Late Winter It's almost the end of the year. It went by so fast, right?

Weather Lines[edit]

Normal Weather
Clear Weather A sunny day is perfect weather for making delicious desserts!
Sunny Weather The heat is okay, but it's not good to make desserts when it's humid outside.
Overcast Weather It's a bit depressing when it's cloudy.
Rainy Weather I don't like rainy days because desserts can get all soggy. I wish it would stop raining soon.
Stormy Weather It gets loud when it rains heavily. I don't like it. When will the rain stop?
Snowy Weather It's nice to have hot cocoa on a snowy day.
Full Moon (Harvest Moon) People say strange things when there's a full moon out. I have to be careful.
Harsh Weather
Day Before a Typhoon Looks like a typhoon is coming tomorrow. Maybe we should stock up on some food.
Typhoon Don't walk around outside on a day like today.
Drought I kind of hesitate to bake things in this heat.
Day Before a Blizzard There will be a snowstorm tomorrow. It'll get very cold, so it's a good idea to prepare something warm.
During a Blizzard It's too much trouble to go out in heavy snow.

Festival/Holidays Lines[edit]

Spring Festivals
Before Flower Festival The smell of flowers is as good as the smell of sweets.
During Flower Festival I like Moondrop Flowers. There are a lot of them in my home town.
Before Animal Festival I like animals, too. It's important to appreciate what we get our eggs, milk and yarn from.
During Animal Festival I like dogs, and I'd like to have a cat or rabbit too someday!
Winning the Animal Festival Congratulations on winning the Animal Festival competition! Everybody is talking about it.
Summer Festivals
Day Of Ocean Festival
(From 6AM-8:59AM)
What strong sunlight. I get so tan at the beach because the sun reflects off the water.
During Ocean Festival
(From 9AM-5PM)
I'm not good at swimming, but I like to play the stone-skipping game!
Fall Festivals
Art Festival (1) It's important for girls to dress up! We are happy with pretty accessories!
Art Festival (2) I like blue clothes. Sometimes it's hard to coordinate my outfits, because everything I own is blue.
Before Harvest Festival I baked cake for today's Harvest Festival competition. I think I made it well, but I wonder if I can win.
During Harvest Festival The best way to cook delicious food is to cook with love!
Winter Festivals
Thanksgiving Festival (1) My family runs a bakery in my home town. They're always busy, no matter what time of the year!
Thanksgiving Festival (2) This year, I used all the skills I had to bake the best I could! I feel happy having cake with people at the Thanksgiving Festival!
New Years Eve A year seems like a long time, but it goes by so quickly.
New Years Day I'm going to bake lots of delicious sweets this year!
Other Festivals/Holidays
Before Flea Market I made some tasty desserts. Please take a look!
During Flea Market You can find some unexpected things at the Flea Market. That's the fun part of it!
Birthday (Player) I heard it's your birthday today, <Player>. Happy birthday!



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