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This page is about Elli from Harvest Moon: DS. For other uses, see Elli (disambiguation).
Japanese Name: エリス (Erisu)
Birthday: Spring 16
Residence: Hardy's House on Wednesdays (after HM:FoMT connection)
Family: Grandmother (Out of Town)
Favorite Gift(s): Moon Dumplings


Avatar Gallery[edit]

Events and Requirements[edit]


Visits Hardy's House on Wednesday (after HM:FoMT connection)


Heart Lines[edit]

Heart Color Line
Black Heart What happened today? Oh, I shouldn't have said it. Old habits die hard. Do you need something?
Purple Heart Oh, <Player>. What's up? Farm work requires strength? It's tough <Player>, are you alright?
Blue Heart If you think you're getting tired, please eat and go to bed early.
Green Heart ...I'm a little worried about grandmother ... I wonder if she's alright ...
Yellow Heart I understand that your farm's been handed down from generation to generation. The Mineral Town Farm is also that way. Too bad you won't meet the owner.
Orange Heart Wh...what's the matter? Do you feel pain somewhere? I'm worried when you come here to the clinic, <Player>...
Red Heart Oh, <Player>... The Valley is a nice place. Maybe I'll live here forever...

Everyday Dialogue[edit]





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