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This page is about Ellen from Harvest Moon: GB. For other uses, see Ellen (disambiguation).
Ellen's Photo
Japanese Name: エレン (Eren)
Residence: Restaurant


She works at the Restaurant and will sell you tasty snacks. Some you eat on the spot and the others are for meals.

Dialogue and Scripts[edit]

All grammatical errors reflect in-game appearance.

Shop Dialogue[edit]

Event Dialogue
Entering the shop Ahh, <Player>.
Would you like to have something?
Buying an item Thank you for waiting...
Here you go.
Canceling a purchase You don't want to buy anything?
Oh, I see...
Not enough money Oh, I'm sorry.
You don't have enough money.
Leaving the shop Take care and thank you!!

Item Dialogue[edit]

Item Dialogue
Cake That's a Cake. It is a little sweet, but it is very delicious.
When you eat the cake, it will make you refreshed.
The cost is 300G
Lunch Box That's a Lunch Box.
It is very tasty and it will recover your health.
It is 500G
Croissant That's a Croissant which I handmade. The cost is 300G for 10 of them.
Rice Ball That's a Rice Ball which was just prepared from a famous brand of rice.
It is 200G for 10 of them.
Meat Dumpling That's a Meat Dumpling. They were just made, so they are very hot and fresh. It is 100G for 10 of them.

Event Dialogue[edit]

Event Dialogue
Picnic Occasionally, it is good to take a day off.
Everyone needs to relax, it helps create a strong mind.


8AM-6PM: Restaurant


Ellen is a returning character from Harvest Moon.