Ellen's Mom (Harvest Moon: SNES)

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Ellen's Mom
Ellen's Mom's Photo
Japanese Name: ハルベラ (Harubera)
Residence: Grocery Store
Family: Ellen (Daughter)


Ellen’s Mom owns the bakery and doesn’t like animals that much since she won't let Ellen have a pet dog in the house. She’s a nice person overall and likes food a lot.


Dialogue and Scripts[edit]

*Note: All spelling errors are made in game, not by the compiler.


Description Line
Introduction "Welcome. You’d better eat everyday, you know. Stamina is key."
"It must be hard, I know, but try your best."
Weekdays (Any Season) "What a coincidence. Are you having a meal here today?"
"It’s not easy to work steadily but it’s worthwhile."
Saturday (Any Season) "It's good to bathe in the sun. Eat well and work hard. Good health is the foundation of happiness."
Sunday (Any Season) "Hope business will be better, it will be better ....What? Isn’t it the God of business? Oh, well."
Raining "Eat something when you are tired. Our cakes are the best to get more energy."
Day before Hurricane "What are you hanging around here for? Don't you know a hurricane is coming?"
Day after Hurricane "Such a hard time you had! But experience teaches you a lot."
Harvest Festival "Was it delicious?"
Snowing "Are you working hard? You know, No food for lazy workers, right?"
Star Night Festival "...May business get better."
Day before New Years Festival "This year is coming to a close."
New Years Festival "May my business go well this year too."
Married to Ellen, Weekdays "What? You look a little heavier, don't yout? Ellen is just like me, she is not only a pretty girl but also can cook very well."
Ellen's Dad: "Hey you, you carry your jokes to far."




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