Earth Sprite Village (Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town)

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Earth Sprite Village
Earth Sprite Village
Japanese Name: コロポンの村
Residents: Earth Sprites

Earth Sprite Village is where the magical creatures called Earth Sprites call home. Nestled in the back of the village is a giant tree, and at its base sits the Boss Sprite. Once the village is unlocked, the Player can visit at any time by talking to Navi Sprite near their home.

The Player can access the Sprite Shop by talking to Boss Sprite, as well as other features such as the Lost and Found and the option to release animals. Besides the Boss Sprite, the Player can speak to Manager Sprite in the village to assign Follower Sprites to each of the different resource Sprites. Doing so will allow the Player to speak to those Sprites and collect free materials daily.

Sprite Management[edit]

Talking to Manager Sprite will allow you to access the Sprite Management menu, where Follower Sprites can be assigned to any of the Resource Sprites. There are 8 Resource Sprites in total, but only 3 are available from the start. The remaining 5 must first be unlocked at the Shrine.

Sprite Materials[edit]

  • This section is under construction. Updates will come as new levels are reached by staff.
Sprite Level Item Name Star Quality
Grass Sprite 1-5 Grass
4-5 Flexible Grass
Log Sprite 1-4 Sap
1-4 Log
4 Solid Log
Stone Sprite 1-5 Stone
1-5 Iron Ore
4-5 Silver Ore
Field Sprite 1-3 Potato 2☆
1-3 Tomato 2☆
1-3 Green Pepper 2☆
1-3 Pepper 2☆
1-3 Tulip 2☆
1-3 Hibiscus 2☆
1-3 Rose 2☆
1-3 Clematis 2☆
Angler Sprite 1-3 Fishing Bait Base
1-3 Gazami Crab 2☆
1-3 Snow Crab 2☆
1-3 Giant Tiger Shrimp 2☆
1-3 Whiskered Velvet Shrimp 2☆
1-3 Sardine 2☆
1-3 Cod 2☆
Chef Sprite 1-3 Vegetable Salad 2☆
1-3 Yellow Potage 2☆
1-3 Grilled Fish 2☆
1-3 Vegetable Sandwich 2☆
1-3 Tea 2☆
1-3 Tomato Juice 2☆
Care Sprite 1-3 Fodder
1-3 Egg 2☆
1-3 Rabbit Fur
Journey Sprite 1-2 Royal Fern
1-2 Shiitake Mushroom 5☆

Sprite Shop[edit]

Boss Sprite runs the Sprite Shop, where a selection of items ranging from common to rare can be obtained. Items in this shop can only be purchased using the Sprites' currency, Sprite Coins.
You can obtain Sprite Coins by collecting items from each of the Resource Sprites, as well as playing the two sprite mini-games "Digging for Sprites" and "Mining Frenzy".

Item Name Star Quality Price (SC) Availability Unlock Requirements
Moondrop Flower 50 Anytime
Pink Cat Flower 50
Magic Blue Flower 50
Magic Red Flower 50
Oregano 5 Anytime
Sage 10
Lemon Marigold 15
Golden Rain Rosemary 20
Wild Berry 5 Anytime
Royal Fern 5
Butterbur 10
Horsetail 15
Chestnut 20
Bamboo Shoot 25
Clay 10 Anytime
Log 5
Solid Log 20
Supple Log 50
Sap 10
Grass 5
Flexible Grass 10
Tough Grass 20
Stone 5
Glass Rock 10
Coal Lump 10
Iron Ore 20
Silver Ore 50
Fulgurite 100 Changes Weekly
Arthurite 100
Potato 3☆ 100 Changes Daily
Cucumber 3☆ 100
Cabbage 3☆ 150
Corn 3☆ 100
Pumpkin 3☆ 100
Tomato 3☆ 100
Zucchini 3☆ 150
Melon 3☆ 150
Spinach 3☆ 100
Okra 3☆ 100
Daikon Radish 3☆ 100
Broccoli 3☆ 100
Leek 3☆ 150
Tea Leaves 3☆ 100
Nemophila 3☆ 50 Changes Daily
Pansy 3☆ 50
Buttercup 3☆ 100
Petunia 3☆ 50
Marigold 3☆ 50
Rose 3☆ 50
Mum 3☆ 50
Clematis 3☆ 100
Cineraria 3☆ 50
Begonia 3☆ 50
Primrose 3☆ 50
Begonia 3☆ 50
Campanula 3☆ 100
Hellebore 3☆ 200
Cherry 3☆ 100 Changes Daily
Orange 3☆ 100
Coffee Beans 3☆ 100
Banana 3☆ 200


Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town

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