Dungeons (Rune Factory Frontier)

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The Dungeons in this game are a vital part of game play that add a huge layer of richness that makes Rune Factory, well… Rune Factory. In Frontier there are four dungeons to explore and battle your heart out in, each with a beautiful in-depth environment and its own unique challenges. Ruins are a place to level up, battle or befriend monsters, gain priceless treasure that will help you forge new weapons and armor, and even grow crops to get extra boosts of RP when you might need it. Each dungeon houses a boss, two of which you'll have to defeat to move the main story line along. The separate dungeons and their respective walkthroughs are as follows:

  • The Green Ruins
  • The Lava Ruins
  • Snow Ruins (part 1)
  • Snow Ruins (part 2)
  • Whale Island

Dungeon tips[edit]

  • The 'return' magic is your friend. It requires no RP/HP and you can even use it if you're sealed. When in a dungeon, you'll no doubt run into a moment where you realize you're not going to make it. Instead of dying and losing half a day, press the '2' button quickly (even if enemy attacks are a second away from making contact) to bring up the menu. The game will pause and you'll be able to escape unharmed.
  • Ride-able monster partners are indispensable. Monsters can be quick transport, strong allies, bait, or even just an extra bar of health. Their attacks require no RP when being ridden either, and the will absorb all damage and status effect. The most recommended monster to be your dungeon ally is the Silver or Hunter wolf. They are the quickest and one of the most powerful monsters in the game. Don't leave home without one.
  • Energy drinks. Use them. Having a ton of these on you during a boss fight could be the difference between victory and defeat, even if you're several levels lower than what's recommended.
  • When you're entering a dungeon set on beating the boss, fighting the enemies that you meet on the way isn't a great idea. You'll want to just run past and avoid most of them if at all possible.