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Header iconmini HMFoMT Doctor.png Doctor
This page is about Doctor from Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town. For other uses, see Doctor (disambiguation).
Doctor's Photo
Japanese Name: ドクター (Dokutaa)
Birthday: Fall 17
Residence: Mineral Clinic
Family: None Specified
Favorite Gift:
Rival: Elli


Doctor (ドクター, Dokutaa) is a normally straightforward man who has a strong interest in improving his beside manner. He works hard at Mineral Clinic, delivering the only healthcare for miles to all of the towns residents. He relies heavily on his nurse Elli, and if you don't marry Elli, he will.

Avatar Gallery[edit]

Events and Requirements[edit]

Rival Heart Event 1[edit]

  • Location: Mineral Clinic
  • Day/Time: Any day except for Wednesday, 9:00AM to 7:00PM
  • Weather: Sunny
  • Description: The Player enters Mineral Clinic and overhears a conversation between Elli and the Doctor. She seems tired, so he asks her if she's okay. She says she is, and he reminds her not to overdo it. She's happy to hear he's thinking about her well-being, and he tells her it's because he couldn't run Mineral Clinic without her. Disappointed, Elli becomes glum. The Doctor senses she's unhappy but isn't sure why she would be unhappy, so he is still worried about her after the event's conclusion.

Dialogue and Scripts[edit]

* Note: All spelling errors are made in game, not by the compiler.

Everyday Dialogue[edit]

Event Scripts[edit]

Rival Heart Event 1: Doctor Needs Elli[edit]

Full dialogue is found in the collapsible table below.

Player Enters Mineral Clinic
Dlg-hm-fomt elli thinking.png Elli Whew...
Dlg-hm-fomt doctor everyday.png Doctor Tired?
Dlg-hm-fomt elli everyday.png Elli No, I’m fine.
Dlg-hm-fomt doctor angry.png Doctor Don’t push yourself too much, now.
Dlg-hm-fomt elli blushing.png Elli Doctor...I’m touched you’re worried about me!
Dlg-hm-fomt doctor everyday.png Doctor Well, I couldn’t run the Clinic without you!
Dlg-hm-fomt elli sad.png Elli Is that all...?
Dlg-hm-fomt doctor everyday.png Doctor What’s wrong now?
Dlg-hm-fomt elli sad.png Elli No-nothing.
Dlg-hm-fomt doctor everyday.png Doctor OK, if you say so...
Dlg-hm-fomt elli sad.png Elli, after event Hmmm......
Dlg-hm-fomt doctor angry.png Doctor, after event I wonder if Elli is OK? She seems even worse now...