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This page is about Doctor from Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. For other uses, see Doctor (disambiguation).
Doctor's Photo
Japanese Name: ドクター (Dokutaa)
(Real name: Tim)
Birthday: Fall 17
Residence: Clinic
Family: None Specified
Favorite Gift: Spa-boiled Egg


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  • Favorites: Bamboo shoots, fish(L), fruit juice, wine, grass(red, blue), fruit latte, poisonous mushroom.
  • Likes: Apple jam, Bamboo rice, Chirashi Sushi, Curry powder, Eggplants, Fish(SM), Happy Eggplants, Honey, Milk, Mushroom rice, Oil, Vegetables, Relaxation tea, Fruits.
  • Dislikes: Branches, Cake, Chicken feed, Chocolates, Fish food, Fodder, Fries, Ore, Weeds.
  • Hates: Fries recipe & Trash


  • The character artwork for Harvest Moon: 64 was mostly reused for most characters in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, as shown in the Bokujou Monogatari Harvest Moon Professional Guide - however, Doctor received his own special art as a new character. [1]



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