Diary of Events (Innocent Life)

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This is an In-the-Works Diary of Events that happens in Innocent Life. Winter

Day 34 - 35 Tutorial Spring

Day 1 - 6 Cannot leave the ruins, until your first Turnips have been shipped.

Day 1 - 6 Receive several visitors to your farm including: the School kids and teachers as well as the Mayors son.

Day 6 -7 Receive 18 seeds for free, all asparagus.

Day 7 First time you are able to leave ruins. Weekly check-up at Dr. Hope's lab. Take a tour around Volcano Town with Marcia and Million. Moonlight asks Dr. Hope to take a look at the Battlebot outside of the ruins.

Day 14 Weekly check-up at Dr. Hope's lab. Gayak asks you to help with the Spring Festival. Ship at least two different types of spring crops other than Turnips and Potatoes.

Day 21 Weekly check-up at Dr. Hope's lab. Dr. Hope will give you the Grain Key. Go to the cave inbetween Easter Ruins and Volcano Town, and acquire two yellow jewels and 1 blue jewel.

Day 14 - 27 Ship at least two kinds of crops excluding Turnips and Potatoes, by Spring 28th for the Spring Festival.

Day 28 Weekly check-up at Dr. Hope's lab. The Spring Festival is today in the Cave to the right of the bottom of the school.

Day 35 Weekly check-up at Dr. Hope's lab. Receive the Battle Bot from Dr. Hope. You can then name the Battle Bot. You can use it to do some of your farmwork, like watering, gathering resources, clearing your field, and preparing your soil.

Day 7 - 35 Once you reach level two on your watering can, go talk to Masami, Gallion's wife. She will give you level two watering can, a.k.a. Masami's Watering Can.

More to come at a later date...