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Header icon rf3 daria.png Daria
This page is about Daria from Rune Factory 3. For other uses, see Daria (disambiguation).
Daria's Photo
Japanese Name: ダリア (Daria)
Voiced By: JPN.gif 堀江 由衣 (Yui Horie)
Birthday: Spring 24
Residence: Daria's House
Family: Her Statues in the Woods
Favorite Gifts: Plain Foods, Art Supplies
Disliked Gift: Accessories, Shrimp

Daria (ダリア, Daria) is an excitable and eccentric artist who lives in Privera Forest. She LOVES rainbows so much, sometimes it's disturbing. Daria loves to eat Dried Sardines. She calls you her assistant and orders you a lot of things that she wants for her art.

Avatar Gallery[edit]

Normal Portraits[edit]

Everyday Happy Angry Sad Blush Shocked Special

Swimsuit Portraits[edit]

Everyday Happy Angry Sad Blush Shocked Special

Wedding Portraits[edit]

Spoiler Below

Wedding Normal Wedding Happy

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