Cyan (Minna de Bokumono)

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Cyan's Photo
Japanese Name: シアン (Shian)


Cyan suddenly appeared on the island, and his origins are unknown. He's not one for talking, and seems to have mysterious powers...

By building Cyan's House on the island, you'll gain access to Cyan's "power". When Cyan's House is in the map, Harvest Sprites will be able to improve the coats of animals to a certain extent. The amount of gold the player can receive from the animals will increase in proportion to the level of the animals' coats. When an animal reaches a certain coat level, Cyan can perform magic to exchange them for the same type of animal (with a different coat pattern), or for higher rank/rarer animals. The rate of exchange is based on probability (RNG) and you are not guaranteed a certain animal, unlike Scarlet's Shop.

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Cyan is a non-human being, and has power similar to the other non-human beings of the Bokujou Monogatari series. His theme of ice is the polar opposite of Scarlet's theme.


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