Crafting (Rune Factory Tides of Destiny)

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There is cooking, crafting, forging, and carpentry.

You get recipes from doing requests on the request board at the Three Sisters Inn. Also some recipe books have been rewarded from getting the the number 2 prize during the lucky lotto which is held on the 27th of each month. Your difficulty is based on your skill you need to be at least 20 levels away to even have a chance to attempt making an item. |-| area are success spots

20 below very difficult


10 below difficult


5 below some what difficult


skill equal to item medium


above 1 easy


above 10 very easy


you can safely fail at every thing but cooking which will turn your ingredients into a failed dish so before attempting to make something that may have been made up of either rare or expensive ingredients you may want to save before you attempt it.