Controls and Menus (Innocent Life)

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Starting the Game[edit]


Insert your UMD Disc into your PSP's UMD drive. If the game does not auto-load, navigate to the UMD Disc option under the Game menu. If you have the game downloaded through PSN, navigate to the Memory Stick sub-menu under the Game menu and launch Innocent Life from your saved games.
※You can launch Innocent Life from PSVITA and PSVITA TV by downloading the game through PSN and navigating to the saved file in the Memory Stick sub-menu.

Special Edition PS2[edit]

Insert the disc into the PS2 disc drive. If the game does not auto-load, navigate to the disc from the Game menu.
※You can launch Innocent Life: Special Edition from PS3 by downloading the game through PSN and navigating to the saved file.

Controlling the Character[edit]

Walk and Run[edit]

You can walk by pressing the D-Pad or the Analog Stick in the direction you wish to move. If you want to run, press down on the Analog Stick and tilt it in the direction you want.


You can jump by pushing the Analog Stick or pressing the D-Pad towards an obstacle. You will jump over the obstacles as long as they take up a 1x1 tile space. (Examples: rocks, rails)

Talk and Examine, Hold and Throw[edit]

To speak to characters, examine objects, or pick up items, turn towards them and press the Triangle (△) button. To throw an item, press the Triangle button again (△) after holding it.

Using Tools and Seeds[edit]

You can use tools and usable items (like Seed Bags) by pressing the Triangle (△) button after equipping. Holding the Triangle (△) button allows you to use tools continuously.

Using the Buggy[edit]

As the story progresses, you'll gain access to the Buggy, a motorized vehicle which you can use to travel around Heartflame Island faster than by walking and running. To mount the Buggy you press the Triangle (△) button. To speed up and control the Buggy, hold the Cross (x) button while pushing the Analog Stick in the direction you wish to travel.



L Button[edit]

The L Button brings up the Bag menu. Items in the Bag which can stack up to 20, and items which can combine into one are counted as 1 slot in Bag.
You can cycle through items in your Bag by pressing the Circle (○) button and the Square (□) button from the overworld screen.

R Button[edit]

The R Button brings up the Character Menus. These menus allow you to check the map, crop information, save data, and more.

  • Assistant Robot: Once you progress in the story, the Assistant Robot will become available to help you on your farm. From the Assistant Robot sub-menu you can access the Robot's duties. You can assign them work or toggle Cage Rail usage.
  • Computer: Choosing the Computer sub-menu allows you to check various data such as: the Shipment Ledger, current crops and native plants, your cooking data (recipes), and the Heart Level of your livestock.
  • Map: The map icon will display the current map. If you are outdoors, your position will be shown on the map.
  • Customize: The Options sub-menu allows you to change the message speed, sound volume, and interface display.
  • Player Info: This is your save menu. You can only save when outdoors. To save indoors, access the bed at your home or other save points.

Status Menus[edit]

Navigating to the Player icon in the Character Menus screen will allow you to access the Character Status sub-menu. There are two types of Status in Innocent Life. The first is Basic Status, Power and Skill, which affects PP and SP respectively. Basic Status is what applies to your farm work. The second type is Human Status, which is the overall status of the Player's "human qualities".
※After the player character learns about their Identity from Dr. Hope, the Human Status menu will become available for other characters. Face a character and press the Cross (✕) button to see their Human Status values.

Basic Status[edit]

  • Power: This is your physical stamina. Power affects the total Power Points (PP) you have. You use PP doing field work. You can recover PP by sleeping in your bed, entering the Shine Pod, etc.
  • Skill: This corresponds to your skills. Skill affects your total Skill Points (SP). Each tool has a skill meter which will gain experience and level up as you use the tools.

Human Status[edit]

  • Challenge: This status is your Courage. Increases by shipping crops and entering dungeons.
  • Love: This status is your Compassion. Increases by raising pets and livestock, as well as having your weekly check-up with Dr. Hope.
  • Intelligence: This is your Intelligence. Increases by inspecting characters' Human Status, as well as watching the Weather Forecast on your TV.
  • Cooking: This is your sense of Taste. Increases by having breakfast at Dr. Hope's mansion, watching the Cooking Show on your TV, and practicing cooking in your kitchen.
  • Creativity: This is your Creativity. Increases by examining Mr. Moonlight's art projects, releasing the Easter Ruins seals, etc.
  • Humor: This is your Wittiness. Increases by raising pets and livestock, as well as watching the Drama and Anime channels on your TV.