Controls (Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar)

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A: Jump and double jump.

When you press the A button, your character will jump. Pressing it again in mid-air will make them jump higher. (Sounds like Smash Bros physics..) You can jump over streams and rivers... but watch out! Falling in the river may cause loss of stamina-- but you might also find things like gems or ores! A jump can also help in farming. By combing farm tools with the jump function, you can spin around and water a large area.

sect_controls_jump.jpg sect_controls_dbljmp.jpg

Press A Twice for Double jump!

B: Talking, picking up items, throwing, and inspecting.


Grabbing an item (only when the B Icon appears)

X: Opens your inventory menu.


Y: Stores items that you pick up into your bag .

L: Press to enter Run mode, press again to stop running.


Walking Mode


Running Mode

R: Accesses your Tools inventory on hand.

START: Creates or combines loaded items inside a windmill machine.

SELECT: Not Used