Coliseum (Rune Factory Tides of Destiny)

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Request : Jocelyn sends you to find this place.

This place holds 2 logs that you can harvest spirits from and a large open Coliseum with dragon statues half-circling it. Press A in front of the left most statue to activate the place. You will be inside the Coliseum with no way out except to fight the oncoming waves of monsters. After several waves, you will be able to collect a random item from a treasure chest.

Dragons 1 ~ 3 = Waves of Monsters Dragon 4 = Chickengriph(?) A chicken of a hippogriph. A warm-up fight. Throws wind gusts and eggs at you and will attempt to dive at you at times but will fail and crumple onto the ground, allowing free hits. Dragon 5 = Moleman Dragon 6 = Crabotron Dragon 7 = Oblitigator Dragon 8 = Desmadeux(?) Dragon 9 = Gladiator Golem, a miniature form of the "Legendary Golem"

After completing all the trials, you will obtain the "Gladiator" trophy and reset the dragons. Now you can do it all over, but fight them at a higher level.

Thoughts : Maybe if you clear another round, you will get a different Dragon 9 boss (Masked Man perhaps?) and maybe another trophy? If I feel like it, I might give it another swing after I level up more. (Died in Dragon 1, Hard Mode)