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Clement's Photo
Japanese Name: カモンベール (Kamonbeeru)
Birthday: Summer 2
Residence: Chez Clement
Family: Daughter Madeline (Out of Town)
Favorite Gift(s): Basil Cheese Bread


Clement (カモンベール, Kamonbeeru) is a very skilled chef, and he runs Chez Clement in Echo Village.

Avatar Gallery[edit]

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Heart Lines[edit]

Heart Color Portrait Line
White Everyday <Player>, thank you for building my restaurant. But I wish it were a bit more fancy... Oh no, I'm not complaining.
Purple Everyday Every day after the restaurant closes, I think about recipes. I memorize the dishes I make and discard the recipes, so you may find them somewhere. If you do happen to come across any, please feel free to use them.
Blue Happy I'm happiest when I'm cooking. I love to see my guests happy. That's why running a restaurant is such a joy.
Green Everyday I have a daughter named Madeline. She's about Felicity's age, and she's so cute. Non, non. I won't ask her to come to this town. She works in another town and has her own life.
Yellow Everyday My cooking is second to none. Whatever the dish, I can make a better one. What if I lose, you say?
Yellow Happy I never think about such a thing. You're so silly.
Orange Happy I've trained in cooking in many countries and towns. That's why I can cook anything. I've never told a guest I can't cook something they've requested. That's something I'm very proud of.
Red Happy I'm grateful to you, <Player>. I was able to open a restaurant in this magnificent town. I'm going to make this the world's best restaurant. Please support me.

Everyday Dialogue[edit]



  • Clement says he has a daughter named Madeline, who lives out of town and is around Felicity's age. He won't ask her to join him in Echo Village because she has her own life where she lives.



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