Chocola (Harvest Moon: 2 GBC)

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This page is about Chocola from Harvest Moon: 2 GBC. For other uses, see Chocola (disambiguation).
Chocola's Photo
Japanese Name: ショコラ (Shokora)
Residence: Restaurant
Family: Rosie (older sister)
Favorite Gift:


Chocola (also called Choco) is the sister of Rosie, and helps at the restaurant. After Rosie gets married, she takes over the restaurant.


Birthday Gift: ???


Snowball Fight![edit]

On the third year on a cold Winter Sunday, Head into the square and you'll walk right into a snowball fight between Bill and Daisy. Then Will and Chocola get into the mix and you can start to let loose! Yields a photograph.

Rice is Nice[edit]

In Fall, Chocola may ask you to meet in the mountain to hunt for mushrooms. Talk to her there, then gather the 'shrooms. After you give her three, talk to her and she'll thank you. A week later there will be a message on the Bulletin Board saying for the next 10 days she'll sell Mushroom Rice at the Restaurant.