Chet (Harvest Moon: 2 GBC)

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This page is about Chet from Harvest Moon: 2 GBC. For other uses, see Chet (disambiguation).
Chet's Photo
Japanese Name: シェット (Shetto)
Residence: Animal Shop
Family: None
Favorite Gift:


Your main man for getting your animals. As an animal lover himself, he'll be making sure you have ideal conditions before he'll be willing to sell to you. Don't mess up, or he'll get pretty peeved.


Birthday Gift: Cures any animals


Animal Graveyard[edit]

Basically, you let one of your animals die. You're a jerk for getting this one, and Chet will make sure you know it.

A Wedding[edit]

Around the 3rd year, 20th of Spring, Chet'll ask you to attend a wedding on the first of Summer. After this, Chocola takes over the restaurant and you rarely see Rosie again. Bummer.