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This page is about Charles from Harvest Moon: A New Beginning. For other uses, see Charles (disambiguation).
Charles' Photo
Japanese Name: ガードナー (Gaadonaa)
Birthday: Fall 2
Residence: Camellia Travel
Family: Camellia (Wife)
Hina (Daughter)
Favorite Gift(s): Pumpkin Doria


Charles (ガードナー, Gaadonaa) is the pilot of Camellia Travel. He's a romantic at heart and is deeply in love with his wife Camellia.

Avatar Gallery[edit]

Events and Requirements[edit]



Heart Lines[edit]

Heart Color Portrait Line
White Everyday My travel agency is different from other places, don't you think? I mean, it's run by me, a first-rate pilot, and my beautiful and capable Camellia. There's no other place that provides such good service. We always guarantee a pleasant journey.
Purple Everyday <Player>, are you the outdoor type? I prefer to the outdoors to moping around in the house. Why don't you come camping with my family sometime? It's sure to be fun.
Blue Everyday We pilots get such a thrill from flying, even when it's work. And it's especially exciting when we get to fly to exotic places. So when you decide to take a trip, choose an unusual place. I want you to experience that feeling too.
Green Happy When work takes me to a foreign country, I always look for presents for Camellia and Hina. They've got a good eye for things, so run-of-the-mill presents won't please them. I have such a hard time looking. But when I see the joy in their faces, it's always worth the trouble.
Yellow Everyday Camellia and Hina are my treasures. I cherish them more than anything and I'll do anything to protect them.
Orange Everyday Camellia's always been popular. Wherever she goes, men turn back for a second look. I was bitten by love from the moment I saw her.
Orange Happy I told her I loved her countless times. She ignored me at first, but my sincerity finally won her over.
Red Happy It's as though we were friends in another time. You understand how I feel and that makes me very happy. I want you to stay close to me and my family, <Player>!

Everyday Dialogue[edit]



  • Camellia actually runs Camellia Travel. She wants Charles to be able to enjoy flying instead of worrying over the more serious aspects of their business, like the finances.
  • Camellia and Charles decided to move to Echo Village because it would be the best environment to raise their daughter, Hina.



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