Celia (Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition)

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This page is about Celia from Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition. For other uses, see Celia (disambiguation).
Celia's Photo
Japanese Name: セピリア (Sepiria)
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Quiet Celia doesn't divulge much about her dating interests, so don't be surprised if Vesta speaks for her. This shy girl loves all kinds of animals and knows plenty about crops and farming. Celia also sells seeds to the player during the first year and continues to if the player does not choose to marry her. If Celia remains single past the first year, she becomes noticeably more irritable and man-hating.

Her diary can be found on her bed in her room.

Events and Requirements[edit]

Heart Event: One[edit]

Walk out of the farmhouse while Celia is outside watching their crops, and it will trigger her first heart event. She'll talk about how growing crops is hard work, but fun, too. She'll then ask you what you think about farm work. Selecting the second option will make her happy.

Heart Event: Two[edit]

Try going into the farmhouse to trigger this event. As you go to open the door, Celia will be walking out and you'll startle her. She'll then move on, asking you a casual question involving the weather. Select the second option to have her walk up to you. Marlin will walk outdoors and notice the two of you once he hears Celia ask what you want her for. He'll remind Celia that she has shopping to do, and she'll apologize and say she has to go. If you offer to go, too, Marlin will get angry, and Vesta will come out to see what's wrong. Choose the second option and Celia will ask you to just walk her half way. She'll apologize for Marlin's behavior, then for not being able to stay and chat with you.

Heart Event: Three[edit]

Walk out of your house to trigger. Celia will be making her way towards the forest, but you'll walk out of your door to hear her stop to great your animals. She'll then continue her stroll. You automatically follow her and meet by the spring. She'll ask if you're taking a brake, too, then ask if you'd be quiet as to not disturb nature. You're given the option to move or not move. If you don't move, Celia will explain how it's so peaceful there and ask you to just close your eyes, so you can feel it, too. You do, and then she'll ask if you agree. Agree and she'll bid a farewell.

Heart Event: Four[edit]

Try going into the farmhouse again to trigger. This time Celia isn't surprised to find you both caught up in the same scenario. She just says hello and ask if you'd like to go somewhere with her. Go with her, and the two of you will be at the spring again. Celia sighs and comments that she should be enjoying herself, but isn't. Tell her that it's alright to tell you. She gets straight to the point, saying that Vesta's setting her up with an arranged marriage. She's iffy about it. Select the first option and she'll lighten up. She'll then thank you.

Heart Event: Five[edit]

Dialogue and Scripts[edit]

Everyday Dialogue[edit]

GREETING "Good morning! It's a great day for work!"
"Hi, >player's name<!"
INDOORS "Vesta's vegetables are great, you know."
"Sorry I'm not a very good hostess... Come any time, though!"
"I hope you make lots of good veggies, >player's name<."
"My room is the loft, but I like it."
"Wood houses are great, aren't they?"
"Sometimes Vesta makes us bread. It's always good."
"Marlin looks like he's always sulking, but he's a good guy at heart."
OUTDOORS "I love watching crops grow..."
"Can I come look at your fields later? How are they doing?"
SPRING "I love how everything blooms this time of year."
"This is the busiest time of year on a farm."
SUMMER "It's gotten so hot! How is everything at >name< Farm?"
"Be sure the animals don't get too hot."
FALL "Things have finally cooled off after that summer. It's a good season to do anything now."
"Aren't the autumn leaves beautiful?"
WINTER "It's getting cold. Are you ready for winter?"
"Make sure your animals don't catch cold. Or you either!"

Miscellaneous Dialogue[edit]

Marriage Dialogue[edit]

If you're there when she wakes up (6am): "...Mmm....mmmm... yaaawwn... Good morning, >player's name< (musical note) You're up early. It's morning, >son's name<!"
Inside Home "I plan on living in Forget Valley all my life. You too, right?"
"I'm really glad I said no to the first proposal! I wonder what would happen if I hadn't married you?"
"I hope this place never ever changes..."
">son's name< thinks Forget Valley is wonderful."
"I'm finally done with the housework for today."
"The skin of oranges or potatoes is great for sucking up any excess oil. I guess you learn a few things by being married."
If you show her something she likes: "That's wonderful."
If you give her something she likes: "For me? Thank you. I'm very happy."
If you offer to sell her something she likes: "I'm sorry, >player's name<. I can't buy that. It's too expensive."
In Kitchen "La la la (musical note) Oh >player's name<. How long have you been there?"