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Welcome to our Resources Discussion page!

Please follow the below criteria before posting here.

  • Profanity-filled, racism, sexism and homophobic discussion is not permitted and will be deleted on sight by our moderators.
  • Please be courteous to other wiki-editors in this area. Be as helpful as you can be so we can create a non-hostile learning environment for wiki-editors and Bokumono fans of all levels.

What is this page used for?[edit]

This area is to ask any question you have about editing the wiki, or any question you have about Bokumono information being added. If you want to verify a new fact/addition to a Bokumono game, please ask it here if you are unsure if it is a valid addition so someone else can help you verify it.

To make a new section/question, click on the + symbol next to edit source. Include as much information as you can pertaining to your question in the subject line, and then add any further description to the body below.