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This is the entirety of Trampoli and its surrounding areas.

Your Farm[edit]

  • Homestead (Your Home)

Beach Road[edit]

  • Mist's House
  • Beach

Church District[edit]

  • Clock Tower (1F, 2F, 2F-Outside, Roof)
  • St. Poli Church
  • Rune Archives (1F, 2F)
  • Big Tree

Business District[edit]

  • Laga Springs (1F, 2F)
  • Public Square
  • Danny's Groceries (1F, 2F)
  • Materia (1F, 2F)
  • Damascus Forge (1F, 2F)
  • Snowstyle Tavern & Sunshine Inn

South District[edit]

  • Erik's Farm
  • Kross's House
  • Bianca's House
  • Brodik's House

Mountain Road[edit]

  • Mount Poli Observatory
  • Lake Poli

Buildingless Shops[edit]

  • Lute's Wares (Public Square)
  • Kross' Architectural Services (Kross's House, South District)