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Bokujou Monogatari for Liveware
Liveware Logo
Japanese Title: ライヴウェア 牧場物語
Developers: Square Enix
Publisher: Square Enix
Platforms: Mobile Service

What is Liveware[edit]

Liveware (Liveware Co. Ltd), was a mobile development company located in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, run by President Tomohiro Takeuchi (武内智裕). The company provided application services and games to several cellular service providers including iMODE, EZWeb, and KDDI.[1] In October 2011, the company was absorbed into Marvelous, along with AQ Interactive. Liveware now exists internally as a subsidiary company for Marvelous AQL.[2]

Released Games[edit]


From April 21, 2003 to May 12, 2005, the mobile service for "牧場物語i", "牧場物語EZ", and "牧場物語J" was handled by Square Enix.[3][4]
From July 4, 2005 until the company merged with Marvelous in October 2011, Liveware served as the next host provider of multiple mobile Bokujou Monogatari titles.[5]

Square Enix[edit]

  • 『牧場物語i』(Bokujou Monogatari i)
  • 『牧場物語EZ』(Bokujou Monogatari EZ)
  • 『牧場物語J』(Bokujou Monogatari J)


  • 『牧場物語 モバイルライフ』- Bokujou Monogatari Mobile Life
  • 『牧場物語 Life & Love』- Bokujou Monogatari Mobile: Life & Love
  • 『牧場物語 実りの島』- Bokujou Monogatari Mobile: Minori Island
  • 『牧場物語 ゆずり葉の樹、幸せの地』- Bokujou Monogatari Mobile: Yuzuriha Tree and the Land of Happiness
  • 『牧場物語 モバイルライフ スペシャルエディション』 - Bokujou Monogatari Mobile Life Special Edition
  • 『牧場物語 みんなの街とぼくの村』- Bokujou Monogatari Mobile: Everyone's Town and My Village (for Boy)
  • 『牧場物語 みんなの街とわたしの村』- Bokujou Monogatari Mobile: Everyone's Town and My Village (for Girl)
  • 『牧場物語 ふしぎな肥料とまほうの樹』- Bokujou Monogatari Mobile: Mysterious Fertilizer and the Tree of Magic


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