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This is the entirety of Kardia Village and its surrounding areas.

North of Your Farm is Kardia Village. The village is full of shops and other buildings. All the buildings have times they are closed. Once you become friends with the owner(s) they will allow you come in at any time even when the building isn't open. There are three streets, a beach, and a park in the village.

First Street[edit]

The first part of the village, directly North of your farm. Many stores are in this part of the village. If you go North again you will get to the Second Street. If go all the way to the right it will lead you to the Beach. You will enter in the middle of the street.

  • Edward Clinic, Kardia Library, Lady Ann Inn, Material Items, Pub Spring Rabbit, and Sword Leo Smithery are on First Street.


Right of First Street is the Beach. It is a good place for fishing. There is only one building. There is also a Seashell used for Wifi connection.

Second Street[edit]

Stores, the Church, and the Bathhouse are all located here. If you go North again you will reach Third Street. You can enter on the right side, left side, or the middle of the street.

  • Gigant Hot Springs, Neumann's Farm, Camus' Farm and Kardia Chapel are on Second Street.

Third Street[edit]

This is the last street in village. There are only houses here. You can enter on the right side, left side, or middle of the street. Buildings are numbered by building closest to the middle of the street.

  • Mayor Godwin's Manor and Jasper's Manor are on Third Street.

Kardia Park[edit]

The Northernmost part of the village. Many festivals are held there. People sometimes go there to get out of the house.