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Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life
Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life Box Front
Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Box Back
Japanese Title: 牧場物語 ワンダフルライフ (Bokujou Monogatari Wandafuru Raifu)
Translation: Ranch Story Wonderful Life
Developer(s): Victor Interactive Software
Publisher(s): Natsume Co., Ltd
Platform(s): Gamecube
Release Dates: JPN.gif: September 12, 2003
NTSC.gif: March 16, 2004
PAL.gif: March 24, 2004
Player(s): 1
Online: No
Rating(s): E (Everyone)
Media(s): Disc


Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life (牧場物語 ワンダフルライフ, Bokujou Monogatari Wandafuru Raifu) was released on 16 March 2004, making it the first Harvest Moon release for GameCube. The game was highly anticipated by the fan base but met mixed reviews after being released. While some praised the impressive graphics made possible by the GameCube's graphics engine, others criticized the drastic changes in game play. The game shifted focus away from growing and harvesting crops and focused more on livestock and relationships with townspeople. Additionally, there were only two "festivals." The Harvest Festival occurring in the bar during Fall, and the New Year's Eve Festival at Romana's Villa during Winter.

The game offers connectivity with the Game Boy Advance game, Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town and spawned two spin-offs: Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life, a GameCube version that allowed players to play as a female, and Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition, released for the PlayStation 2.


  • Pick from three bachelorettes
  • Raise a child from a toddler up to an adult while influencing his skills and interests
  • Connect to Friends of Mineral Town via GBA-GCN Link Cable
  • Raise ducks and goats, a first for the series
  • Create hybrid crops

Innovations to the series[edit]

  • Addition of ducks and goats
  • Creating hybrid crops
  • Raising a son from birth to adulthood
  • Visible aging of the main character and NPCs

Characters introduced in this game[edit]


  • Although there is no way to raise them on your farm, several animals can be found around Forget-Me-Not Valley.
  • A Wonderful Life (and its spinoffs) is one of only three games in which time passes in buildings.

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