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Doraemon Story of Seasons
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Japanese Title: ドラえもん のび太の牧場物語 (Doraemon Nobita no Bokujou Monogatari)
Translation: Doraemon Nobita's Ranch Story
Developers: Brownies/Marvelous
Producer: 中島 光司 (Kouji Nakajima)
Publisher: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Platforms: Nintendo Switch,
PC (Steam),
PlayStation 4
Release Dates: Nintendo Switch
Japan June 13, 2019
South Korea Hong Kong & Taiwan July 25, 2019
North America Europe Australia October 11, 2019
October 11, 2019
PlayStation 4
Japan July 30, 2020
North America Europe Australia September 4, 2020
Players: 1
Online: No
Ratings: Japan CERO: A
North America ESRB: E
Europe PEGI: 3
Germany USK: 0
Australia ACB: G
South Korea GRAC: ALL
Hong Kong & Taiwan GSRR: O
Media: Nintendo Switch
Japan Europe Australia South Korea Hong Kong & Taiwan Game Card
Japan North America Europe Australia South Korea Hong Kong & Taiwan Digital Download
Digital Download


Doraemon meets Story of Seasons in this new, fresh take on farming!

Japan's adored Doraemon franchise comes to Nintendo Switch and PC (via Steam) in Story of Seasons, a beloved farming simulation series lasting over 20 years.

The setting is Natura, and at the center of this land is the mystical Big Tree. Doraemon and friends will each take on a role to help out around town!

The theme of this experience is creating bonds with the town residents, and while doing so, enjoying the heart-warming interactions through each character and the part they play in the story.

But building a farm and raising horses and cattle like in other Story of Seasons games isn't the only thing to do. Explore the town of Natura, go on adventures, catch bugs and much much more! Fans of the Doraemon series will also be happy to know that Doraemon's gadgets can be used to assist you in your new, everyday life!

Enjoy the nostalgia of Doraemon and Story of Seasons while helping Noby live his farm life in this unique, lovable land![1]


Nobita (Noby) is on summer vacation and needs to come up with an idea for his summer project to complete his homework, but he keeps drawing a blank. Frustrated, he decides to go outside where he finds a mysterious, spiral seed on the ground. Thinking to himself, 'Could it be...a new species?', he decides to grow the seed for his project.

Together, Doraemon and Noby plant the seed then run to find their friends, Sneech, Big G, and Sue. Excitedly, they watch a large tree magically grow. But, almost as suddenly, a mysterious storm sucks Noby and his friends into the sky.

When the group wakes up, they find themselves at the foot of a strange tree next to the lush, forested spring Nobita dreamed about. Doraemon, who wakes up first, begins to panic when he realizes all of his gadgets are gone, leaving them with no way to return home. Turning to the monkeys who are staring curiously at them, he chases after them. When he returns, he tells the others that he chased after the monkeys who stole his gadgets, but was stopped by a bear. With the Anywhere Door gone, Doraemon tells them they're all stuck until they can find all of his gadgets again.

The group decides to look around their new surroundings and eventually find a town, where they meet Harmon and Ravi, who tell them they are in Natura. The two offer to let them stay with them for the night. The next morning, Harmon brings Ryam, the town mayor, to meet the group. Ryam tells them he is there to lay down some of the local laws, the most important being that all children are required to work. Gobsmacked, the group sets out to find a place to work.

As they go from villager to villager, Sue, Sneech, Big G, and Doraemon find a place to work - everyone except Noby. Dejected, he returns back to Harmon and Ravi's. Ravi tells him to relax and begins helping Harmon with the farming. Seeing the two of them, Noby asks if he can help out on their farm. Harmon thinks about it for a second, and then tells him that they actually have a second farm where he can stay. It's too much for the two of them to handle, so Noby staying there would be a major help.

And so, Noby's life in Nature begins....



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