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A lot of what we do involves putting pages into different categories for easier access/discoverability for users.

This tutorial covers the follow:

  • Categories [1]
  • Redirects

Categories are ALWAYS surrounded by two brackets on either side.

How do Categories Work on Ranchstory?[edit]

Main Top Categories[edit]

Our main top categories you can find on this site are the following:


All main game pages are linked to these two top categories.

Secondary Categories and Redirects[edit]

Each game receives its own category. When we create pages for each game, we first create a blank page for it, then install a redirect to the category of this game.

Essentially, /wiki/Harvest_Moon:_64 will redirect to /wiki/Category:Harvest_Moon:_64. 

This is so when users navigate to this page, it will show all pages linked to Harvest Moon 64.

Installing a Redirect[edit]

We only create redirects for main game pages, or towns within games. If you are at all unsure about this process, please request this be set up by a wiki editor with more experience.

The easiest way to create a redirect is to first create a page, such as below:


Then add the following:

Ranchstory Redirects.png

When you save this page, it will have the above in red text. Click on that red link and it will automatically generate the new category page for you. On this page, add one of the two main categories, either Category:Bokujou_Monogatari or Category:Rune_Factory, or if it's a town, link back to the game category you are adding the town to.

What About Lists Sub/Categories?[edit]


We have several categories that function as a way to create easy-to-navigate-to lists for users.

  • Category:Harvest_Moon_Artwork - Every art page should link to this category.
  • Category:Harvest_Moon_Characters - Every character page created for Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons games should link to this category.
  • Category:Harvest_Moon_Places - Every place (for example, buildings/shops pages) should link to this category.
  • Category:Harvest_Moon_Recipes - Every recipe list page should link back to this category.
  • Category:Harvest_Moon_Towns - Every town category page should link back to this category (it will become a subcategory).
  • Category:Harvest_Moon_Protagonists - Every protagonist page should link back to this category.


If you explore the wiki, you'll find many games have subcategories for the Town, Characters and Bachelor/ettes of that game for easier navigation. The formula for these categories follows below:

  • Category:INSERT_GAME_CATEGORY_Bachelorettes
  • Category:INSERT_GAME_CATEGORY_Bachelors
  • Category:INSERT_GAME_CATEGORY_Characters (includes both bachelor/ettes and villagers)

Towns are always set up as page redirects to the Category of that town, followed by the name in ellipses of the game. This allows us to link the place pages of that game to the town.

Important to Remember for Categories[edit]

Always double check your work if you are copying character templates to a new page. Categories are easy to miss, so it's important that we don't have any linking to sections they don't belong (very easy to do when the titles sometimes are variations of the same name minus or adding one word).


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