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This page is about Carter from Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. For other uses, see Carter (disambiguation).
Japanese Name: カーター (Kaataa)
Favorite Gift:


Carter (カーター, Kaataa) works furiously at the dig site with his assistant, Flora, hoping to discover something groundbreaking. He doesn't say no to help and gladly invites you to dig with him anytime during their dig.

He takes some days off to visit the beach to relax and get some fresh air.

Events and Requirements[edit]

Dialogue and Scripts[edit]

Everyday Dialogue[edit]

"Good evening."
IN HOME "It's a little cramped, but make yourself at home."
"If you want to help out, talk with me at the dig site."
"I wish I had a bigger tent..."
SPRING "Nature is filled with overwhelming energy."
"The sun is the source of my energy."
SUMMER "It's hot, but we must persevere!"
"The dig site is nice and cool."
FALL "I feel great today. How about you, my friend?"
"I always enjoy the scenery around here. Especially in this season when the leaves change color."
WINTER "It's a little cold, but I'm still happy. Then again I'm always happy..."
"It may snow here on occasion, but it never sticks. So much for seeing a "winter wonderland"."

Miscellaneous Dialogue[edit]

Show him your son: "He's looks smart. Ever think about him being a scholar? He could even be my apprentice..."
Show him your son: "He's cute..."
If you give him something he likes: "Don't mind if I do."
If you give him something he really likes: "Really? Thank you."
If you show him something he'll accept, then don't give it to him: "I see..."
Show him a dish: "Did you make that? Looks pretty good..."
Show him trumpet: "You want me to eat THAT? Are you trying to kill me?"
Show him a fish: "You caught that fish? ...Good job."
Show him a carrot or some other crops: "You made that in your farm..."
Show him fodder: "What's that?? Throw that away."
Show him a flower: "That's a pretty flower."
Show him a flower: "Did you find it around here?"
Show him a coin: "I wonder if that's got some meaning to it... First thing to do is find more lithographs..."
Show him a coin: "I've found many things like that before."
Show him most forage items: "Did you get that around here? You can cook something good."
Show him most forage items: "Those plants grow around here don't they."
Show him an ore: "You can find lots of stones like that at the dig site. I'm not interested in mere rocks. I need keys to unlock the riddles of the ancients."
Show him an ore: "If you want stones like that, help out with the dig."
Show him a sickle: "Don't spin around with that... It's dangerous..."
Show him a sickle: "I said it's a dangerous tool."







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