Carpentry Shop (Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley)

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As in every Harvest Moon title, one of the main goals of the game is to upgrade your house from a tiny shack to a deluxe dream home. However, one thing that does differ is your inability to get lumber right away.

To be able to get lumber you must first gain the trust of Woody by doing his part-time job at least 5 times. Once you've accomplished that, talk to Woody when he's standing outside the carpenter's house and select the second option. You'll be transported to the same area that you were at for the part-time job, but now all the lumber you collect will be yours. Smaller trees take 2-3 swings to demolish and yield about 1-2 lumber, while larger trees take approximately 5-6 blows and produce 3-4 pieces of lumber. Once you've got enough money and materials, head inside and examine the clipboard in front of Gwen to select which house upgrade you'd like.

Upgrade Cost Unlock
Dog House 10 lumber, 3000G From beginning
Chicken Coop 25 lumber, 3000G From beginning
Large Barn 10 lumber, 3000G From beginning
Kitchen, toilet & bathroom 50 lumber, 10000G After ordering at least one house upgrade
Big bed 25 lumber, 10000G Appears in 3rd year
New T.V. 0 lumber, 20000G Appears in 3rd year
Green house 40 lumber, 45000G Appears in 3rd year
Sprinkler 50 lumber, 75000G Appears in 3rd year