Carpenters (Harvest Moon: SNES)

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Since this is the first harvest moon, there are not many extensions. Only two in fact, but they are still awesome! At the start of the game you start with a small log house and you can upgrade it twice!

Super Log House

   Gold: 5,000g
   Lumber: 250 

The super log house is the first extension and it only makes your house a big bigger and adds a carpet here and there. If you complete it before fall the carpenters will give you a watch for free. You need this extension to get married.

Super deluxe log house

   Gold: 10,000g
   Lumber: 500 

The super deluxe log house is the second extension and it will add one more room to your house and cradle (as well as a cool looking porch).You need this extension to have children. You can also paint it white.


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