Carpenter (Harvest Moon: GB)

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Carpenter's Photo
Japanese Name: 大工のおじいさん (Daiku no Ojisan)
Residence: Carpenter Shop


Gruff, blunt, and maybe even a bit rude, the Carpenter is the one to call for lumber or extensions. He'll sell you 50 pieces of wood for 500 Gold. He'll also expand your house twice -- the first time for 2,500G and 250 pieces of lumber, and the second time for 5,000G and 500 pieces of lumber.

Dialogue and Scripts[edit]

All grammatical errors reflect in-game appearance.

Shop Dialogue[edit]

Event Dialogue
Entering the shop Hey <Player>.
What can I do for you?
Buying an item
Canceling a purchase Then don't waste my time.
Not enough money
Ask for expansion I see, you want to expand your house. Alright! Tomorrow I will let you know the cost and material needed for the job.
Leaving the shop Well, see ya. Take care.

Item Dialogue[edit]

Item Dialogue
Material Material?
It is used for expansion and for your fence. 50 Materials for 500G.

Expansion Dialogue[edit]

Event Dialogue
Appraisal Hey!! <Player>.
So this is the house you want to expand... need #G and # materials
Shall I expand the house?
Not enough materials Wait one minute! You don't have enough to do the job.
It can't be done now. See ya.

Event Dialogue[edit]

Event Dialogue
Earthquake <Player> are you alright?
That earthquake a little while ago was huge!
Was anything damaged by the earthquake?
Be sure to examine everything. Good Bye.



  • Carpenter is one of the two characters who did not return from Harvest Moon, the other being the Livestock Dealer. This is why he is unnamed, unlike many of the other characters in Harvest Moon: GB.
  • Carpenter's Japanese name literally translates to "Old Man Carpenter".