Carmite Cave (Rune Factory 1)

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Carmite Cave is the first accessible dungeon in Rune Factory 1. To unlock it, speak to Godwin, who will then request Raguna to till 100 squares of land on his farm. Once this is completed, speak with Godwin again to receive the permission slip.

  • Season: Spring
  • Boss: Greater Deamon


Entire Bestiary List.

Monster Treasure Value
Orc Cheap Cloth
Broad Sword
Orc Archer Cheap Cloth
Arrow Head
Goblin Warrior Certificate
Long Sword
Goblin Archer Arrowhead
Cheap Bandage
Silver Ring
Warrior Certificate
Ant Insect Skin
Bug Jaw
Lamp Grass Seeds
Hornet Insect Skin
Wind Crystal
Chirori Knowledge Supplement
Magic Powder


Entire Ores List.

Ore Rarity Value
Scrap Iron Common 4g
Iron Common 50g
Bronze Ore Common 75g
Silver Rare 400g
Gold Very rare 600g