Capeside Bistro (Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town)

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Capeside Bistro
Capeside Bistro
Japanese Name: ビストロ『プロモントワ』
Hours: 12:00PM - 10:00PM
Closed: Never
Residents: Misaki
Run By: Misaki (Owner)
Blaire (Waitress)

The Capeside Bistro is run by Misaki and Blaire. It is located to the right of the Grocery Store, in the lower district of town.

Many Olive Town residents come to the Bistro to eat lunch or dinner. Misaki's menu mainly consists of entrées, so it is recommended to come here for a meal when you want to regain a lot of stamina. Also, like the café, eating some of the meals will inspire you to learn the recipe. The bistro opens a little late, at 12:00 PM, but it's also open until late at night, so it's a good place to visit after a long day of work on the farm!

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About Food Effects[edit]

Eating food restores your stamina! The amount of stamina that is recovered by eating entrées is particularly high. However, if you eat an entrée first, you'll become full and won't be able to eat any other dishes. So eat a salad dish first, which raises your maximum stamina, and then have drinks, soup dishes, and finally an entrée, in order like a full course meal! Dessert dishes recover a small amount of stamina, but they can be eaten even on a full stomach, so leave them for last.

Bistro Menu[edit]

Eating dishes marked with ♦ will inspire you to learn the recipe.

Category Image Meal Price How to Unlock
SOS Pioneers Items Salad Potato Salad.png
Potato Salad 80G Available at start
SOS Pioneers Items Salad Small Fish Marinade.png
Small Fish Marinade ♦ 440G Reach Cooking Lv.6
SOS Pioneers Items Soup Yellow Potage.png
Yellow Potage 130G Available at start
SOS Pioneers Items Soup Acqua Pazza.png
Acqua Pazza ♦ 380G Reach Cooking Lv.5
SOS Pioneers Items Entrees Curry Rice.png
Curry Rice 150G Available at start
SOS Pioneers Items Entrees Omelet.png
Omelet 140G Available at start
SOS Pioneers Items Entrees Carbonara.png
Carbonara ♦ 530G Reach Cooking Lv.8
SOS Pioneers Items Entrees Peperoncino Pasta.png
Peperoncino Pasta ♦ 920G Reach Cooking Lv.9
SOS Pioneers Items Entrees Genovese Pasta.png
Genovese Pasta ♦ 950G Reach Cooking Lv.10
SOS Pioneers Items Desserts Pudding.png
Pudding 210G Available at start
Candied Sweet Potato 410G Available at start
Other Dishes
SOS Pioneers Items Other Dishes Vegetable Juice.png
Vegetable Juice 70G Available at start
SOS Pioneers Items Other Dishes Yogurt Drink.png
Yogurt Drink 140G Available at start


All information not credited to persons on this page or below are referenced from the official guide.[1]

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Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town

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