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This page is about Candy from Rune Factory Tides of Destiny. For other uses, see Candy (disambiguation).
Candy's Photo
Japanese Name: キャンディ (Kyandi)
Voice Actors: JPN.gif: Hiromi Konno
NTSC.gif: Carrie Savage
Birthday: Spring 27
Residence: Trampoli
Family: Kanno (Grandfather, Out of Town)
Cinnamon (Sister, Out of Town)
Favorite Gift(s): Apple Pie
Hated Gift(s): Insect Skin


A girl who goes to the Imperial Magic Academy. Visits Fenith Island every Tuesday to research the spirits.

Events and Requirements[edit]



Preference Gift
Favorite Apple Pie
Like Juices
Hate Insect Skin
Note: Candy has neutral feelings about all gifts not listed here.

Everyday Dialogue[edit]


Type Line
Morning Good morning, <Player/Aden/Sonja>!
Afternoon Hello, <Player/Aden/Sonja>!
Evening Good evening, <Player/Aden/Sonja>!


The spirits are also grateful to you, <Player/Aden/Sonja>.
The spirits are full of energy, and it looks like they're having a lot of fun.
My birthday is the 27th day of Spring.
I wish I'd grow a little taller...
Can I come over to your house sometime, <Player/Aden/Sonja>?
Spirits are so cute...
This is my school uniform. Although, I've been wearing my sister's old uniform since before I started school myself, so it just feels like regular clothing.
I really want a pet, but the school dorm doesn't allow them.
My big sister can use magic. She uses her magic to save our village and help people out. She's amazing!
Recently, people have even been coming from outside the village to ask for her help. I really look up to her!
What foods do you like, <Player/Aden/Sonja>?
I love to eat apple pie while drinking juice. Do you think that makes me childish?
Odette gets on well with the spirits, too.
Today's my birthday! When I get back, my roommate is going to throw a party for me! I'm quite looking forward to it!
So why do bugs have to be so ugly?
Even if I sing the Spirit Song that does not mean the spirits will always listen to my request.
There are sometimes those, however, who get on well with the spirits. The spirits will sometimes only listen to that person.
What foods do you like, <Player/Aden/Sonja>?

Gift Related[edit]

Type Line
Favorite Gift Wow! Apple pie! Are you sure I can have this? Thank you, <Player/Aden/Sonja>!
Liked Gift Wow! I love juice! Thank you, <Player/Aden/Sonja>!
Neutral Gift Thank you! I might give this to my roommate!
Hated Gift What? I'm sorry. I don't really like this...
Crop Gift Thank you! It looks delicious. Hee hee.
Craft Gift I've never seen anything like this. Maybe I'll keep it as a memento of Fenith Island.
Trash Gift Okay... not sure how to say this, but... I don't want this.
Birthday Gift Thank you so much! Hee hee, I got a birthday present from <Player/Aden/Sonja>!

Weather Related[edit]

Type Line
Sunny What lovely weather. The perfect weather for talking with the spirits.
Rainy It's raining... Can't really go outside in this weather. That's a shame.
Snowy Hee hee. I love the snow. But does that make me childish?
Spring I love the spring. The spirits always look so happy.
Summer It's so refreshing to be near the sea on a hot day.
Fall Fall on Fenith Island is beautiful too, isn't it.
Winter In winter the spirits build their power, preparing for the return of spring.



  • Candy was first introduced in Rune Factory Frontier for the Wii.
  • Candy dislikes bugs.
  • Candy can talk to spirits. She mentions Odette can talk to spirits as well.
  • Candy admires her older sister, Cinnamon. She admires how others go to her older sister for magical help.