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This page is about Cammy from Rune Factory 2. For other uses, see Cammy (disambiguation).
Japanese Name: カノン (Kanon)
Voiced By: JPN.gif 坂東 愛 (Ai Bando)
Birthday: Summer 15
Residence: Alvarna Church
Family: Gordon (Father)
Dorothy (Sister)
Leonel (Nephew, Gen.2)
Favorite Gifts: Insect Caraspace, Strawberry (Gen.1 Only) Rainbow Trout Sashimi, Marmalade (Gen.2 Only), Strawberry Milk, Strawberry Jam
Disliked Gift: Green Pepper
Birthday Gift: Hot Chocolate

Cammy (カノン, Kanon) is the daughter of Gordon and the younger sister of Dorothy. She's a tomboy, and is very energetic. She seems to have a small crush on Kyle as a child. Her personality and preferences change in the 2nd generation. Although she's still very adventurous, she is much more mature and treats you like a younger sibling, offering to help you with your schoolwork and protecting you.

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Everyday Happy Angry Nervous Sad

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Everyday Happy Angry Nervous Sad

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Likes: Insect Skin, Marmalade, Rainbow Trot Sashimi, Strawberry, Strawberry Jam, Strawberry Milk
Dislikes: Green Pepper

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