Calendar of Events (Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town)

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  • If your birthday coincides with a marriage candidate's regular birthday, they will instead have an Alternate (Alt) birthday. Be sure to check the calendar for these alternate dates!
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
[Day 1]
Mochi Bonanza
[Day 2] [Day 3] [Day 4]
Plum's Birthday
[Day 5] [Day 6] [Day 7]
[Day 8]
Harvest Goddess' Birthday
Kappa's Birthday
[Day 9]
Harvest Goddess' Alt. Birthday
Kappa's Alt. Birthday
[Day 10] [Day 11]
Saibara's Birthday
[Day 12] [Day 13] [Day 14]
White Day
[Day 15]
Blueberry's Birthday
[Day 16]
Elly's Birthday
[Day 17]
Mugi's Birthday
[Day 18]
Spring Derby
[Day 19]
Lillia's Birthday
[Day 20]
Elly's Alt. Birthday
Bon Vivant's Alt. Birthday
[Day 21]
Bon Vivant's Birthday
[Day 22]
Cooking Exhibition
[Day 23] [Day 24] [Day 25] [Day 26]
Aqua's Birthday
[Day 27] [Day 28]
[Day 29] [Day 30]
Sasha's Birthday


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
[Day 1]
Fetch Fest
[Day 2] [Day 3]
Popuri's Birthday
[Day 4]
Harris' Birthday
[Day 5]
[Day 6]
Cliff's Birthday
[Day 7]
Cluck-Cluck Clash
[Day 8] [Day 9] [Day 10]
Popuri's Alt. Birthday
Cliff's Alt. Birthday
[Day 11]
Basil's Birthday
[Day 12]
[Day 13] [Day 14] [Day 15] [Day 16]
Mint's Birthday
[Day 17]
Ran's Birthday
Kai's Alt. Birthday
[Day 18] [Day 19]
[Day 20]
Moo-Moo Festival
[Day 21] [Day 22]
Kai's Birthday
Ran's Alt. Birthday
[Day 23] [Day 24]
Fireworks Festival
[Day 25]
Thomas' Birthday
[Day 26]
[Day 27] [Day 28] [Day 29]
Zack's Birthday
[Day 30]


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
[Day 1] [Day 2]
Gotts' Birthday
[Day 3]
[Day 4] [Day 5]
Yu's Birthday
[Day 6] [Day 7]
Brandon's Birthday
[Day 8] [Day 9]
Harvest Festival
[Day 10]
Sunny's Birthday
[Day 11]
Manna's Birthday
[Day 12] [Day 13]
Moonlight Night
[Day 14]
Cherry's Birthday
[Day 15]
Karen's Birthday
[Day 16] [Day 17]
[Day 18]
Autumn Derby
[Day 19]
Doctor's Birthday
[Day 20]
Carter's Birthday
[Day 21]
Fluffy Festival
[Day 22] [Day 23]
Anna's Birthday
Karen's Alt. Birthday
Rick's Alt. Birthday
[Day 24]
[Day 25]
Doctor's Alt. Birthday
[Day 26] [Day 27]
Rick's Birthday
[Day 28] [Day 29] [Day 30]
Pumpkin Jamboree


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
[Day 1]
[Day 2]
Jennifer's Birthday
[Day 3] [Day 4] [Day 5] [Day 6]
Gray's Birthday
[Day 7] [Day 8]
[Day 9] [Day 10] [Day 11]
Dudley's Birthday
[Day 12] [Day 13]
Ellen's Birthday
[Day 14]
Valentine's Day
[Day 15]
Duke's Birthday
[Day 16] [Day 17] [Day 18] [Day 19]
Huang's Birthday
[Day 20]
Marie's Birthday
[Day 21]
Huang's Alt. Birthday
[Day 22]
Pumpkin's Birthday
[Day 23]
Marie's Alt. Birthday
Gray's Alt Birthday
[Day 24]
Starlight Night
[Day 25]
Starlight Night Gift
[Day 26]
Mei's Birthday
[Day 27] [Day 28] [Day 29]
Jeff's Birthday
[Day 30]
New Year's Soba



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