Cafe (Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness)

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A kind old lady (ファリーヌ) will move in one of the run down buildings in the second part of the island and renovate it into a cosy little cafe. Here you can find many of the villagers taking a break or coming for a yummy treat.


  • Can Expand.
  • Arrival: Full requirement Unknown yet.
  • Closed on: Holidays.

Learning Recipes[edit]

The owner of this establishment can teach you recipes for you to make yourself! To learn recipes, you have to:

  • Give her an item she can use to make something from.
  • After giving her the item, she will ask if you want to learn the recipe. Agree to learn it.
  • The cafe must have renovated so she can carry the equipment to make it.
  • She will only teach you a recipe per day.
  • Sometimes, she will not want to use certain ingredients, but other days she will.
  • It is possible she might teach you a recipe you already know.


Item Price
Water 0G
Sandwich 200G
Toast 180G
French Toast 230G
Curry Bread 180G
Spaghetti 250G
Hard Boiled Egg 150G
Fried Egg 200G
Omelette 240G
Omelette Rice 300G
Cake 150G
Sponge Cake (Castella) 150G
Cookies 150G
Ice Cream 170G

Note: What they sell might depend on what recipes they have taught you, this is not the full list.