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This is an in-development title. As such, we are updating this section as information becomes available. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Bokujou Monogatari OL
250px-Bokujou Monogatari OL Logo.png
Chinese Title: 牧场物语OL (Pending)
Translation: Ranch Story Online
Developer(s): Tencent
Publisher(s): Next Studios
Platform(s): Mobile
Release Dates: CN.gif: TBD
Player(s): TBA
Online: Yes
Rating(s): TBA
Media(s): Cartridge

牧场物语OL (Mùchǎng wùyǔ OL, Ranch Story Online) is a new entry in the Bokujou Monogatari series. It's a mobile game currently being developed by Tencent and will be published through Next Studios. This is the first game to come out of the partnership between Tencent and Marvelous Inc., as part of the agreement between the two companies.



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  • We have been granted permission to host information about this title by Next Studios community manager, Kim Wulong.


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