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This page is about Bob from Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland. For other uses, see Bob (disambiguation).
Bob's Photo
Japanese Name: カザン (Kazan)
Birthday: Summer 1
Residence: Brownie Ranch
Family: Tim (younger brother)


Bob lives at Brownie Ranch, West of the player's farm. He lives and works there with his younger brother Tim

Bob is tough, and he loves animals.

Dialogue and Scripts[edit]

Everyday Dialogue[edit]

This game does not include any way to keep track of affection levels. Lines will be listed generally in order from what they say at the beginning of the game, to what they say as they get to know you better.

Description Line
Introduction "Hey, what's up? Are you the new owner of that farm? I'm Bob. I run the Brownie Farm. Nice to meet you."
Walking "What's up? You need something?"
"Hey, what do you do on your days off? Do you go fishing or something?"
"You're always running around with so much energy."
At the Bar "Hey, you here for a drink too?"
"Cheers to me who worked hard all day."


Description Line
Storming "What brings you here on a day like this?"
"Animals have to be kept inside on days like this. I always keep track of the weather."
Dry Season "The grass will be fine without rain, but it's gonna be rough on your crops."

Gift Lines[edit]

Description Line
Liked (?) Birthday Gift "A birthday present for me? Heh heh... Thanks!"

Final Remarks[edit]

Characters will generally repeat this line until they move on to a new area.

Description Line
Day time "See you later."
Night time "Make sure you get enough rest at night."
"I should get going now, or I'll feel it tomorrow..."