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This page is about Blossom from Rune Factory 4 Special. For other uses, see Blossom (disambiguation).
Blossom's Photo
Japanese Name: ブロッサム (Burossamu)
Voice Actors: JPN.gif: Yuuko Tsuga (津賀 有子)
NTSC.gif: Wendee Lee
Birthday: Winter 21
Residence: Sincerity General Store
Family: Doug (Adoptive Grandson)
Favorite Gift(s): Risotto


Blossom (ブロッサム, Burossamu) is the owner of Sincerity General Store. An elderly woman with a chronic health condition, she still manages the store with a smile on her face and good humor in her voice. This is in part because of Doug, whom she took under her wing after his arrival in Selphia. Though she's aware of Doug's antics and the trouble he gets into because of them (even scolding him at times), she is able to see his true kindhearted personality and cares about him deeply.

Avatar Gallery[edit]

Events and Requirements[edit]

Eternal Rivals[edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Doug, Dylas, Blossom, Porcoline, Margaret, Vishnal
  • Description:

Shiny Memories[edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Blossom, Doug, Xiao Pai, Arthur, Porcoline, Margaret, Ventuswill
  • Description:

Doug's Secret[edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Doug, Blossom, Margaret, Traveler
  • Description:


  • Location:
  • Participants: Everyone
  • Description:

An Ephemeral Wish[edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Clorica, Vishnal, Volkanon, Forte, Xiao Pai, Margaret, Blossom, Jones, Nancy
  • Description:

Never Gonna Give Up![edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Xiao Pai, Lin Fa, Porcoline, Margaret, Blossom, Kiel, Yang Fan
  • Description:

My First Errand[edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Your Partner, Your Child, Volkanon, Blossom, Jones, Lin Fa
  • Description:



Preference Gift
Love Risotto
Like Rice Porridge | Milk Porridge | Vegetable Juice | Relax Tea | All Vegetables
Dislike Can | Rare Can | Boot | Scrap Iron | Weed | Withered Grass | Failed Dish | Disastrous Dish | Stone | Branch | The Protein | Intelligencer | Vital Gummi | Heart Drink | Antidote Potion | Para-Gone | Roundoff | Cold Medicine | Love Potion | Invinciroid | Leveliser | Recovery Potion | Healing Potion | Mystery Potion | Object X
Hate Formuade
Any gift not listed is neutral. [1]






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