Bazaar (Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar)

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The bazaar happens once a week on Saturday. If there is an event (festival, etc.) on Saturday, it'll get pushed to Sunday. You can buy things as well as sell items.

How the Bazaar Works[edit]

The mayor will take you to the bazaar the first time. You start out with three spaces to sell things on and after selecting which items you would like to sell (You can place stacks of items) you wait for potential customers to walk by. You can also ring your bell with the B button to attract people to your stall. Once you've got a nibble, the person will tell you how many of a particular item they would like to buy. You then press A a certain number of times coinciding to the amount of objects they want to buy, and you've made your sale! After all three items have sold, you can put more up.

Friends and other characters may walk by and ask to buy something... a little text menu will come up with choices. There are lost children, chatty old men and even a young lady who's lost her glasses. On top of this, marriage candidates or either gender could walk by and stop to chat. By choosing the correct answer, you can increase their FP/LP by a little. Being a benevolent and perceptive shopkeeper will help benefit your store by making it even more popular.

You can also walk about and purchase things from other stalls. This is where the majority of your in-game purchases will be.

The next morning when you step out of your house, you will be invited to see who was the top three sellers of the bazaar. Scoring in the top three will get you a nice prize and get you closer to upgrading the Bazaar.

Bazaar Growth[edit]

There are five levels of growth at the Bazaar. Each time the percent complete rises, a new target selling range will be set and new shops will open. Keeping working hard to regain the bazaar to its former glory!


  • 0% -- This is the level you start out with. Mucho, Royd, Merini, Felix, Lucho, Wilbur, and the wrapping lady will have their shops. Shops are colored yellow on the map.
  • 25% -- Chen, Goran, Shelfer, the 'bed man' and the 'cooking appliance man' will open their shops. Shops are colored blue on the map.
  • 50% -- Crea, the fortune teller, the lottery, and Isaac's shop. Shops are colored pink on the map. You must sell between 80000 - 100000 to reach the next level.
  • 75% -- Nerine, the coin lottery, and Hucho will open up their shops, colored purple on the map. You must sell between 100000 - 150000 to read the next level.
  • 100% --

Shops and Their Items[edit]

Lloyd's Store[edit]

Lloyd's store is located at the bottom right of the bazaar. He sell rare minerals that can be used to upgrade your tools and equipment. He starts out with the following items at his shop:


  • Ore with magical powers. sells for a high price, but has other uses too.
  • Bought for 7800 G
  • 1 star(s) quality.


  • Ore with magical powers. Sells at a high price. has other uses as well.
  • Bought for 7800 G
  • 1 star(s) quality.


  • Ore with magical powers. Sells at a high price. has other uses as well.
  • Bought for 9100 G
  • 1.5 star(s) quality.


  • A common precious metal. Can be made into necklaces, bracelets and other items.
  • Bought for 1400 G
  • 1.5 star(s) quality.


Wilbur is a master carpenter and he can modify parts of your farm such as increase the amount of fields you have or increase the size of storage you have in your house. His shop is locate at the central right of the bazaar. Wilbur can give you the following work from his shop:

Increase the number of fields.

  • "Adding fields means you can grow more crops."
  • Bought for 30000 G

Expand storage.

  • "Expanding storage allows you to store more items."
  • Bought for 10000 G

Joan's Cafe[edit]

Joan and Marian provide a small range of food from there shop located ate the top left of the bazaar. Joan sells the following from her shop:

Potato Pancakes

  • Made by frying up thinly cut potatoes.
  • Bought for 700 G
  • 0.5 star(s) quality.

Chocolate Biscuits

  • Biscuits with chocolate. Irresistible.
  • Bought for 600 G
  • 0.5 star(s) quality.

Milk Tea

  • Milk mixed into tea. Very mild and delicious.
  • Bought for 600 G
  • 0.5 star(s) quality.