Bacchus (Rune Factory Tides of Destiny)

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Header iconmini RFToD Bacchus.png Bacchus
Bacchus's Photo
Japanese Name: バッカス (Bakkasu)
Voice Actors: JPN.gif: Hiromu Miyazaki
NTSC.gif: Michael McConnohie
Birthday: Summer 3
Residence: Bacchus' Boat
Family: Joe (Grandson)
Favorite Gift(s):
Hated Gift(s):


Retired adventurer. Enjoys chatting and hanging out with Lily.

Bacchus (バッカス, Bakkasu) lives on a boat with his grandson Joe. He has long retired from his seafaring days and now simply prefers to fish in his spare time. He also gives Joe a hard time saying that he's not much of a real adventurer. Is almost always found drinking himself drunk at the Three Sister Inn, listening to Lily's songs. Eventually will organize a Lily Fan Club and attempt to invite Aden. May have possibly been a pirate when he was younger, as suggested by the pirate flag in one of his friendship events.

Events and Requirements[edit]

Friendship Event Level 6[edit]

Here, Bacchus admits that he used to be a pirate that rules the entire seas around Fenith and had pillaged from Navy and Merchant Ships while fighting monsters. Eventually, his crew ran into a monstrous octopus that sheared his ship into two and ended his pirating career. Here, he tells Joe that a man should continue on with his duty while ignoring family matters, to which Joe, Aden, and Violet disagree. Bacchus, touched, admits that he and his pirating crew will eventually get together again and hang out, as they're all still alive.



Preference Gift
Favorite Fried Fall Flounder
Like Pickles, Dried Sardines
Dislike Honey Toast, Sweets
Note: Bacchus has neutral feelings about all gifts not listed here.

Dialogue and Scripts[edit]