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Official Promo Artwork[edit]

Official Matsuyama Igusa Art Requests[edit]

In 2001, series artist Matsuyama Igusa accepted art requests through their official blog if users got the name of a character made in a Lego diorama correct.[1] There are only 4 archived points of these requests, and some requests were not completed before the site was archived.

  • Request 6: '98 Pete and Karen "Mini 4th Grade Magazine publication combination" [7]
  • Request 13: Unknown[14]
  • Request 14: Unknown[15]
  • Request 16: Unknown[17]

Back to Nature for Girl Official Artwork[edit]

Official OST Artwork[edit]

Official Guide Artwork[edit]

Prima Game Guides: Back to Nature[edit]

Bokujou Monogatari Harvest Moon Professional Guide[edit]

Bokujou Monogatari Harvest Moon for Girl Official Guide[edit]