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This page is about Ann from Harvest Moon. For other uses, see Ann (disambiguation).
Ann's Photo
Japanese Name: アン (An)
Residence: Tool Shop
Family: Ann's Dad
Favorite Gift(s): Flowers
Favorite Perfume: Violet Perfume
Hated Gift(s): Weeds, Poison Mushroom


Ann (アン, An) is a villager of Flower Bud Village. She lives at the Tool Shop with her father, South of town. She aspires to be an inventor like her father, and is always trying hard to do so.

Although hot-tempered at times, Ann is a generally nice, cheerful, tomboyish girl. She is bad at cooking, and would rather spend her days working on machines. However, she isn't the brightest inventor, and is often at war in attempt to make her inventions go accordingly. As the protagonist befriends Ann, she becomes more open with him.


To marry Ann, raise her heart level to at least 5, then buy the Blue Feather from the Peddler to propose. Her diary can be found in her room in the back of the tool shop. To raise her heart level, the protagonist must speak to her every day and is recommended to give her gifts that she likes and dance with her during Festivals to speed up progress. She can be found at the Spa in the mountains during the Star Night Festival. Before she accepts your proposal, the protagonist must have their house to the second extension, the Deluxe Log Cabin. After marriage, if the protagonist comes home late to his wife or visits another woman during the Star Night festival, she will become upset with him.

Events and Requirements[edit]

Where's my Wind Vane?[edit]

When Ann has reached 4 hearts, she will show up at your farm when you leave your house in the morning, asking you to help her look for her beloved wind vane. You can find it in your chicken coop. Picking it up will automatically finish the event and end the day. (Events will not trigger after the protagonist has married)

  • Location: Your Farm
  • Requirements: Ann at 4 Hearts
Person Line
The morning after you reach 4 hearts, Ann shows up at your farm
Ann "Hey, have you seen my weather-cock? The one one the top of my roof. It was blown away by the strong wind last night. I suppose it came here but please let me know if you find it."
Find the Wind Vane in the Chicken Coop. Go Find Ann
Ann "I'm not hanging on to my memory but it's so precious to me. ....Thank you!"
Ann's Dad "How nice the young people are! Yes, I want her to be cheerful all the time. Sure."


Day Time Place
Monday Day
Inside Tool Shop
Tuesday Day
Inside Tool Shop
Wednesday Day
Inside Tool Shop
Thursday Day
Inside Tool Shop
Friday Day
Inside Tool Shop
Saturday Day
Town Square
Sunday Day


Preference Gift
Favorite Violet Perfume, Flowers1
Like Cakes, Eggs, Milk, Fish, Fruits found on the mountain
Hate Weeds, Poison Mushroom
Note: 1. Ann only likes flowers after you marry her
Ann has neutral feelings about all gifts not listed here.

Dialogue and Scripts[edit]

*Note: All spelling errors are made in game, not by the compiler.

Dialogue Before Marriage[edit]

Description Line
Greeting "Heh, you are the owner of the ranch. I'm Ann. Nice to meet you."
"Stamina decreases when you use tools. Eat food or sleep in the bed to recover."
Raining "I hate rain. It feels depressing. I like when it pours."
Spring, Weekdays "I'm going to make great tools like my dad!"
"Well...I don't know why feels good in spring. I go like "OK, it's show time!""
Spring, Saturday "Yes, I feel relaxed outside...I haven't been out for a while."
Summer, Weekdays "I love summer though it's hot."
Summer, Saturday "No idea comes out under this heat!"
Day before Hurricane "I don't know why but I get excited when something like a hurricane comes. Don't you?"
Day after Hurricane "I think the precious weather-cock was blown away."
Autumn, Weekdays "well, constant effort is important, you know. They say success comes from failure."
"It seems a little different from the plan I had but... no big deal."
Autumn, Saturday "Let's do our best, shall we?"
Winter, Weekdays "It looks cold outside. It turns white when you breathe out, doesn't it?"
Winter, Saturday "The mountain is covered with snow by now."
Snowing "It's cold outside, isn't it? I have a fireplace inthe back room so warm yourself."
Saturday, 3 hearts "...My dad tells me to get married so often.... He would be all by himself if I got married to someone... Doesn't he realize that?"


Conditions Question Answer Final Response
Sunday, at Church (Any Season) "Ho's boring, isn't it?" (Yes) "It is,hum? I'm so sleepy... ho hum..." (+4 Affection Points)
(Not really) "Gee, you are so serious." (+1 Affection Points)
Saturday, 3 hearts (Any Season) "Hello! Hey, look at this! This is the automatic pudding maker! I've put eggs and milk in here. Now all you have to do is turn it on. Do it!" (Push) "It smells wonderful doesn't it?" (+8 Affection Points)
(I don't want to do) "You say it's much quicker to make pudding without the machine? Oh no... don't you have a dream?" (+2 Affection Points)
After positive response "...Weird."
After negative response "You don't trust me, do you?"
Summer, Weekdays "It'll be showcased at the shop one of these days so please try it." (Hum) "Trust me." (+8 Affection Points)
(I don't want it) "You don't trust me, do you?" (+2 Affection Points)
"Let's do our best, shall we?"
Winter, Weekdays "Aren't I acting like a girl?" (No, not at all) "How outspoken you are!" (+8 Affection Points)
(Not that bad) "My Dad always tells me to act like a girl but I wonder exactly what acting like a girl means." (+2 Affection Points)
"Let's do our best, shall we?"

Gift Lines[edit]

Description Line
Give her a Cake "Thank you. It looks delicious."
Give her a Flower "Wow, thanks a lot. Mmm, it smells so good."
Give her a Vegetable "Thank you. It looks delicious."
Give her an Egg/Milk "Thank you. It looks delicious."
Give her Wild Grapes/Tropical Fruit/Mushroom "Thank you. It looks delicious."
Give her a Fish "Thank you. It looks delicious."
Give her an Herb "Thank you."
Give her Fodder "Thank you."
Give her a Weed "Are you playing a nasty trick on me?"
Give her a Poison Mushroom "Are you playing a nasty trick on me?"
Give her a Fullmoon Berry "Thank you. It looks delicious."
Give Violet Perfume "Wow, thanks a lot. Mmm, it smells so good."
Give Lilac Perfume "Thank you."
Give Rose Perfume "I don't like this smell so much."


Description Line
Day before Flower Festival "It's the Flower Festival tomorrow. It's good to relax once in a while."
Flower Festival, 1-3 hearts "Dad wanders like that every year."
"It's good to be at a festival like this for a change."
Flower Festival, 4-5 hearts "Let see... I don't have a character to fit the flowers."
Flower Festival, 6+ hearts "He probably likes the type of girl who is fond of flowers."
Day before Harvest Festival "Have you decided what to take to the festival? I want to complete my machine and present it in public."
Harvest Festival, 1st Year "Taraah, it's an Auto Harvesting Machine! Switch it on."
(Push) "Sorry, failed."
(No) "What are you afraid of? ...No, this isn't right."
"I thought it would be OK this time..."
Harvest Festival, 2nd Year "This is it! Ultra Special Auto Harvesting Machine!!! .....Hey, you don't seem to trust me. Don't say a word, just turn it on! On!"
(Push) "Sorry, failed."
(I'd never push) "...Weird."
"I thought it would be OK this time..."
Egg Festival "Alright, I'll try to win this year."
After Egg Festival "Puff-puff...don' me...please?"
Thanksgiving Festival "I'll give it to you. I'm not sure if it tastes good or not."
"You want medicine just in case?"
Day before Star Night Festival "Tomorrow? Heh-heh, I'm going to a wonderful place."
Star Night Festival (1-3 hearts) "I take a hot spring bath, watching stars like this. It's just like paradise, isn't it?"
Star Night Festival (4-5 hearts) "Hey, you probably think I'm a monkey or something, right? .........That's OK with me though."
Star Night Festival (6+ hearts) "......Say, we don't often see someone late at night like this, especially at a place like here....... Not like me but I'm kind of nervous.... .......Hey, are you listening to me?"
Day before New Years Festival ".....this year is ending. I'll develop and complete a great machine next year."

Dialogue After Marriage[edit]

The following lines of dialogue are exactly the same no matter who you're married to.

Description Line
Saturday "Honey, the shop is closed because it's Saturday today."
Sunday, Sunny, in the house "It's warm. Such a comfortable Sunday."
Sunday, Raining, in the house "It's kind of disappointing when the weather is not good on Sunday."
Sunday, in the shed "There are no Sundays at ranch."
In the house (Always) "Darling, please take care of yourself."
Every night "Thank you for your trouble, darling." (Ann gives you a fish)
Before a hurricane "Have you put the livestock in the pen? Let's lock the doors later and go to bed."
During a hurricane "It's impossible to go out today."
After a hurricane "Let's look around the ranch. There will be trouble if the fences are broken."
Thanksgiving Festival "It's Thanksgiving Festival today. Here you are, darling. Thank you for working hard for me every day."
"Please work well from now on."

Unique Marriage Lines[edit]

Some lines are still shared between wives, but for the most part these lines are unique.

Description Line
Give Blue Feather "...Are you sure? Me?"
Day after Marriage "Good morning....da-darling. Be happy together from now on."
Raining "Do you work on a day like this?"
Spring, Weekdays, in the house "I've got to do my best today also."
Spring, in the shed "I'll try my best to make something that will help you."
"Yes, spring is wonderful."
Summer, Weekdays, in the house "Various disasters can happen in summer so you better watch the weather forecast every day."
"I hear wild dogs sometimes come around here. It's dangerous to keep fences broken."
"I hope I'll be able to cook better step by step. ......please be patient."
Summer, Weekdays, in the shed "Honey, please work well."
"I'll take care of those tools too. .....Don't worry. I won't break any."
Autumn, Weekdays, in the house "I wish I had trained a little to be a wife."
Autumn, Weekdays, in the shed " 'Auto Milking & Yogurt-Maker: Special Version' I wish it would be finished by spring..."
"It seems a little different from the plan I had big deal."
Winter, Weekdays (Always in the house) "I won't play with machines for the time being. I'm going to stay at home."
Snowing "What snow! I can hardly wait for spring."
Pregnant "Well...Uummm...say...I...umm.. I guess I'm pregnant."
Day after becoming pregnant "Will you think of a name for the baby?"
Advanced Pregnancy "I wonder if it will be a boy or a girl."


Only the Flower Festival and Star Night Festival feature different dialogue after you are married.

Description Line
Festival Day, in the house in the morning "Darling, aren't you going to the festival?"
Flower Festival "I'm not sure but it might be neat to work on a machine to make perfume."
"It's good to be at a festival like this for a change."
Star Night Festival "hmmm, it feels good. This is the best spot to see stars."




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